Monday, September 29, 2008

Melissa Kate ~ Blind Faith (New York)

The next up-and-coming jazz and blues artist with a little bit of soul can be heard on "Blind Faith" by Melissa Kate. TM International produced this 8 track solo debut. Recorded at Pharoah studios through Van Taylor Production, this compilation showcases various renowned artists.

Melissa studied Barbershop, Classical, Opera and Musical Theatre. She was trained classically by Mr. Robert Wells and studied with Mr. Amuso who provided her with the basics of Jazz. Melissa became engulfed in the NYC Jazz scene and has performed at the World Trade Center, Swing 46, Pops Is Tops, the American Lindy Hop Championships, and at Louie Armstrong's house.

Melissa Kate is an international vocalist and began her artistic development with the award winning Taylor Made Jazz through Van Taylor Production. She is a powerhouse in Jazz, Blues, R&B and pop. Melissa now performs with The George Scott Big Band, travels internationally with Taylor Made Jazz, and has now come into her own with The Melissa Kate Project. Melissa has performed for the Armed Forces Entertainment, The Langston Hughes Institute, the M&T Plaza Concert series and the Buffalo Music Awards and continues to enlighten crowds internationally.

Melissa gives thanks to the musicians who have helped her artistically and support her such as:

Van Taylor, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee: keys/lyricist/production/manager, Walter Kemp III: keys, Jerry Livingston, 2008 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Jerry Sampson and Richie Valentino on bass, Jeff Nixon, Ron Walker, David Comtois and Nelson Thomas on guitar, Will Holton on Sax, Mike Crimes and Tim Webb on percussion and Flick Williams on vocals and keys.

A jazzy blues backbeat is apparent on the title track, "Blind Faith." Sultry vocals rise with percussion and bass keeping time behind her with the addition of horns. "Midnight Blue" is pbeat with traces of 80's discotheque to get you up and dancing. Her lyrics are in depth, her presence shining and her vocal range is to be envied. Accompanied by The Melissa Kate Project, this CD is a must for all music aficionados.

Melissa Kate can be found at: Melissa Kate . Grab her solo debut at: CD Baby. I had the pleasure of experiencing Melissa with Taylor Made Jazz and the Melissa Kate Project as she belted out vocals with a stage presence that invites you in like a warm embrace. Melissa is a positive light in this world and continues to support charitable causes. You can catch Melissa performing every Monday evening at The Historic Colored Musicians Club with The George Scott Big Band. The Melissa Kate Project on November 7, in NYC to benefit Artfully Aware. Please access her website above for more information.

I suggest you do not miss her. She is a star, following shadows . . . trying to see her way to the light.

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