Monday, September 29, 2008

Buffalo Select Chorus 2008 CD Release Righteous Babe Foundation (New York)

The Buffalo Select Chorus performed their 3rd Annual Concert June 4 at 7PM in Asbury Hall at Babeville. The recital and reception was free and open to all wishing to participate in the upcoming 2008-2009 Buffalo Select Chorus. This concert was recorded by the Righteous Babe Foundation and is now available on CD.

Sponsored by the Righteous Babe Foundation, it is the only chorus made up of Buffalo high school students, with nine different schools represented. The Buffalo Select Chorus is a talented, dynamic group that has persevered despite challenges for funding in the arts in the Buffalo schools.

In the spring of 2005, Linda Appleby (creative director and vocal instructor), along with Susan Mann Dolce (executive director) and other interested community members and parents set out to create a citywide Buffalo Public High School Chorus to begin that fall. The group would have weekly practices, play in a variety of venues over the year, have a final concert and reception, and produce a professional recording for use in the college application process. What resulted from their efforts was a selection of eight talented individuals from three Buffalo Public High Schools who gathered to rehearse once a week for six months.

The Righteous Babe Foundation took notice of these amazing singers and the need for more support to grow this fledgling group. The use of the restored Asbury Hall at The Church (now Babeville) was made available for weekly rehearsal and as primary performance space. Asbury Hall has become a Monday night "home" for Buffalo Select Chorus!

The Chorus has grown exponentially to thirty students, and in partnership with the Righteous Babe Foundation, will continue its mission: to provide a venue for Buffalo High School students to expand their vocal skills while offering actual performance experience under the tutelage of certified music teachers and professional musicians. This program of excellence will also be saying goodbye to many graduating seniors.

Please visit: to get a hold of this outstanding performance composed of Buffalo High School students and musicians. Buffalo Select Chorus was showcased on Think Twice Radio: Click the link to hear them rehearse, view pictures and connect to the mentors, musicians and students who make Buffalo Select Chorus a much desired investment.

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