Monday, September 29, 2008

Haale ~ No Ceiling

Haale is defined as: "Halo Around The Moon.' Of Iranian descent yet Bronx born, Haale (as in halle-lujah), released "No Ceiling" a melding of Persian mysticism with American 1960's dream wave psychedelia.

This 10-track disc features artists such as: Haale Gafori: vocals, electric guitar, lyrics, setar, Dougie Bowne: lyrics, Shahzad Ismaily: acoustic/electric guitars, electric sitar, bass, Mike Gamble: electric guitar, Steve Cohen: bass, Matt Kilmer: percussion, bass, acoustic/electric guitars, Doug Weisleman: electric guitar, bass clarinet, wooden flute, Christopher Hoffman: cello and Johnny Gandelsman on violin.

Haale has performed from France to Carnegie Hall sharing stages with Sean Lennon, Hugh Masakela and Odetta. This debut full length CD was co-written with Dougie Bowne, produced by Matt Kilmer and mastered by Fred Kevorkian. The art direction, photography and design are credited to Haale, Kevork Mourad, Matt Kilmer and Matthieu Mangaretto from Marseilles, France.

Fascinating aspects on this compilation lie in the lyrics. Haale sings in both Persian and English, inspired by Persian poetry. This is apparent in the 4th track, "Chenan Mastam", "Masti" meaning a state of ecstasy, intoxication and serenity and "Chenan Mastam" meaning "I'm so mast" as in "smashed on the great big everything" according to Vonnegut. Haale's deep-throated vocals combined with percussion bring you right into her realm. She flawlessly switches from English to Persian, equally erotic and enlightening.

The title track, "No Ceiling" begins with a rock n roll guitar riff. Haale calls out: "I go on my way, the feeling grows, no ceiling" with an orchestral unification of bass, drums and clarinet beside her. "Ay Dar Shekasteh" is entirely sung in Persian using lyrical poetry from Rumi. The bass, guitar, vocals and percussion place you in a different time while Haale soars: "Ay dar shekastah jaamah ma Ay bardareedeh daameh ma" Her music is meditative, spiritual, poetic, traditional and everything that is not today.

Connect to Haale at: to get her limited edition 10 track CD entitled, "No Ceiling." Connect to her my space, press, bio, store and tour schedule. The artwork on the CD jacket alone is stunning.

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