Saturday, September 27, 2008

Elipsus ~ Changing History

Welcome to Elipsus... An intertwining genius of two musicians, Fox Salehi and Brent Persia, whom both possess an intense passion towards an innermost drive to succeed.

Elipsus began with Fox Salehi, who has played live shows in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Oxford, UK and met Brent Persia in the summer of 2005 in Buffalo, New York. They spent nine months mastering two CD's that eventually became, "Changing History."

Born and raised in Oxford, England, Fox Salehi traveled to America devoting his life to making music. He possesses intense political and social beliefs, which are heard in his passionate lyrics and bittersweet melodic vocals. Fox performs lead and backing vocals, pianos, synths, drum programming, as well as being a poetic lyricist. His wish is to send a message of freedom, democracy, peace, and equality.

Fox has written: " . . . people are the same wherever you go... the songs promote equality, protesting the widening poverty gap and the society neglecting those near or below the poverty line or in the third world . . . songs against war and prejudice, regardless of the excuse . . . songs inspiring people to open their minds . . . songs that reflect every tiny ounce of passion, conviction and belief we have."

Fox Salehi believes that every person, place and creature on this earth deserves the exact same respect, rights and love regardless of color, gender, nationality, political or sexual orientation. Brent Persia is a native Western New Yorker, a multi-instrumentalist, programmer, co-songwriter and vocalist, as well as being the mastermind behind the production and engineering of, "Changing History", their 34 track collaboration. Brent is a member of Elipsus, as well as a musician in his own right. He has played venues from Corfu to Niagara Falls. He also has his own studio where he meticulously produces professional tracks.

Musically, this duo causes a stirring deep within the subconscious to rise allowing one to let go of inhibitions regarding mores indoctrinated inside of us by society. This can be heard in a track entitled, "Denounce the Pacifist" which is Fox speaking of the Nuremberg trials immediately leading into "Song For The Terrorists...", a harrowing plea for people to rise and awake from slumber to become aware of the atrocities occurring throughout our world. The political nuances in most of the songs are attributed solely to Fox.

Brent can be heard on, "Because of You", an offbeat bass line accompanied by an alternative vocal twist. He has another astounding song I adore, entitled, "What Did I Do?" with multiple invocations coupled with astounding harmonics. They also do a tune called, "Fantasy", which is one of my favorites and an instant club hit arousing intense stirrings with a deep throated spoken word voice and bass boom beat which is playful and erotic simultaneously, bringing you that London pop feel.

The title track, "Changing History" with piano as a crescendo, rises as Fox's vocals bring you trailing higher with the background building, building allowing the listener to experience love, pain, laughter, heartache, love and regret altogether as an orchestral tribute to an extremely special soul. For a duo, both of these musicians far outweigh conventional music, bringing you a slight twist on all genres of music. From this 34 track CD, you will find something for everyone. I highly suggest grabbing this while you can; the both of them are going to soar quite far.

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