Monday, September 29, 2008

McCarthyizm ~ Victor's EP (New York)

Before the terms "underground" and "alternative" became mainstream, McCarthyizm was pounding out a blend of 60's garage and 80's rock with undertones of Celtic folk. Buffalo's own has shared the stage with the The Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, Eddie Money, John Waite, They Might Be Giants, The Smithereens, The Proclaimers, Spirit of the West, The Crash Test Dummies, and Lowest of the Low.

This 6 piece rock/pop mix has traveled the Northeast enlightening Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New York City, Boston, Toronto and LA. They have earned numerous Music Awards and have taken Best Original Rock Band for 2006 and 2007 for the Buffalo Music Awards.

McCarthyizm consists of: Joe McCarthy: lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Paul Ceppaglia: guitar, mandolin, vocals, Dave Mucha: bass and vocals, Joe Suplicki: percussion, Helen Butler: fiddle and Nate Schneekloth on keyboards.

"Mt. St. Michel" begins with a sweet guitar riff that portray Joe's vocals pristine. Percussion, bass and keys follow melding a lyrical orchestration of language and history with Helen on fiddle spiraling you directly into a city of lights. "Victor's Morning" is an anthem. War like and tribal, lead in percussion causes one to raise that fist in the air. All members are represented and electric. Bass, fiddle, guitar, and keys scream simultaneous to a backdrop of cheers and shouts. This is rock, pop, and folk all in one tune.

These are only two tracks from the Victors EP.

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McCarthyizm defies any genre. Every tune is different than the last, and to fully appreciate their talent to the fullest, grab this CD and listen to the lyrics. Each one of them stand alone musically with the ability to craft words into sound creating something that needs to be witnessed LIVE.

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