Monday, September 29, 2008

The Gravity Thieves ~ A.Y.R.T.O.S.

Imagine the idea of a place that is free from gravity. Not necessarily opposing force, more so, the force of gravity to be made either non present or inapplicable. This would have to occur with the creation of an immense technological intervention.

I met The Gravity Thieves at Maggie's Lounge on Military Road in Kenmore the summer of 2007. I was attending a birthday celebration for their manager, Christine Wallace. The five of us had previously set up an in studio interview at Think Twice Radio and I had planned on meeting the guys and Christine and grabbing a CD beforehand. What I did not intend is to meet four of the most unique and sincere individuals that evening.

The Gravity Thieves combined are: J. Ryan K ~ Lead guitar/vocals/lyricist, Scott J. Harrington ~ percussion/ backing vocals and Adam Gassman ~ synth and bass. The Gravity Thieves have been going strong since 1998, yet these three men are responsible for what I refer to as a sit down with Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Rush. The three of them formed the present day Thieves in the summer of 2004 and four years later here they are.

That night driving home from Maggie's, one of the two CD'S so graciously mastered by J. Ryan K. and handed to me by Christine, was heard for miles out of the windows of my truck from Kenmore to South Buffalo. I left the CD in my player until I came to write this review nearly six months later. Their music is that addictive.

The first tune I literally fell in love with was "Stay". As soon as you hear this 2nd track on their newly released CD entitled, "A.Y.R.T.O.S.", you will find yourself driving along belting out with Ryan:

"Hey, you blamed them already, what's your ex-cuse for to-dayyyyyy."

This song carries perfect rhythm throughout, all three of them prominent. Scotty's cymbals crashing as waves along with Adam's frenzied synth . . . "You blamed them already yeahhhhh."

J. Ryan K's vocals are intense with Scotty's high hat ticka ticka ticka throughout and a guitar solo that will set you on your knees. To me, the lyrics signify a change, as in you blamed everything else in your world now who is to blame but yourself?

The title track, "A.Y.R.T.O.S.", to which you must converse with the Thieves themselves to find out the answer to that acronym, is an instant hit. The synth is diabolical. Listen close, it may be hard to catch in between that malicious guitar and hammering of drumskins and sticks. J. Ryan K has a deep threaded growl when he bellows: "Turn your stereo . . . down, turn your media . . . down."

This is a plea for everyone to not only become aware but to act upon the atrocities occurring in society, government, media and everyday life. Truly a classic, one to get you hopping in front of that stage.

The fourth track, "Backwoods", is such a sentimental tune. It instantly brings me back to building tree houses and tents out of old sheets and being a child full of wonder. The chorus is alluring: "Have you ever wanted to be free."

Scotty even has a soft technique to his drumming style here and this is a comforting tune, one that makes you think of how guileless we used to be compared to what we have experienced as adults, yet never forgetting the good things. This lullaby is absolute beauty.

The first track on this compilation, I save for last, only because it MUST be last. "The General", is an epic tale of a man on a journey. I liken this to poetry or prose because it tells a story line for line without giving away the ending. Scotty's cowbell is bold throughout with Adam's synth that is as commanding and forthright as a military unit.

J. Ryan K. expels everything residing within shouting: "Freeeee-dooommmmm."

This is an anthem. A ballad that causes you to look deep within yourself and rediscover those parts of you that you lost or never quite knew. The man in this story is faced with most difficult choices. I shall leave those pages for you to turn.

After weeks of listening to the CD, I was hooked. This is the kind of music you can pop in while at the park, driving, at a party, anyplace. The back beat rhythms are constant and upbeat yet the lyrics are concentrated. The Gravity Thieves manage to create music that can be listened to by anyone, at any time while getting their ideals across lyrically.

You must see them out playing. Their stage presence is full toned. They are best friends and you feel that when they perform. If you have not gotten out to see the Gravity Thieves, check their my space at: and peek at the calendar, interviews and listen to music. Give them a shout and snag this CD because I am patiently awaiting more from all three of them. You can also visit their newly designed web site at: where you can view their EPK, photos, their shows and bios of each of them.

Out of all the interviews I have done, I must say, The Gravity Thieves are by far one of my favorites. It is an ongoing interview that never ends and I am glad for that. My wish for them is to keep climbing because they found what it takes years ago and today they have reached a pinnacle. I cannot wait to see them jump to the other side.

Imagine the idea of a place that is free from gravity.

I have no desire to imagine anymore.
I have been there and I plan on going back.


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