Monday, September 29, 2008

Grüvology ~ 1st Set

Grüvology grooves, they are jazz, funk and blues. Grüvology is an expression of modern jazz and world beat including a mixture of standard tunes and original compositions. The groove is apparent with or without a drummer. This is fusion.

Grüvology consists of: Walter Kemp III on keys, Bernard Kunz on electric guitar, oud and loops and Efferin Fuse on bass with the accompaniment of Tim Webb and Dave Phillips on percussion. Created May 2006 as the result of a duo performance by Walter and Bernard at Café Allegro in Buffalo, NY, Efferin was invited to a rehearsal and Grüvology was born.

Walter Kemp III took piano lessons from the age of 6 to 13 to later become a percussionist. At Virginia Union University, he completed studies in mathematics, returned to Buffalo at 23 and began playing keys. A strong desire to play gospel and jazz, Walter returned to piano at Music City. His first performance with a band was in "The 80s Reflex Band" Walter's influences include gospel and classics with an intent and passion to present music with technique and integrity.

Efferin Fuse began bass in 1997 with inspirations from local bass players Calvin Palmer, Christopher Bowman and Jerry Livingston. In 1998 he studied music at Villa Maria College and met Tim Webb who provided much encouragement to progress as a bass player. In 1999, Efferin was hired as a bassist at Calvary Baptist Church. From that point, he evolved as an artist and musician in order to inspire others.

Bernard Kunz started piano lessons in 4th grade yet switched to guitar in 7th. Kunz's interests lie in Jazz, groups such as Chick Corea and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Bernard's major influences are the mid sixties: Miles Davis, David Murray, and John Coltrane. Kunz teaches guitar with Love Supreme School of Music and privately, as well. Bernard wishes to incorporate all influences in his compositions and improvisations.

Grüvology advocates the exploration of improvisational jazz along with a rhythmic pulse. They seek to perform for audiences that enjoy live, spontaneous interaction with musicians based on a solid "grüv".

Their latest CD entitled, "1st Set" is precisely what they were aiming for. This 8 track disc places you in front of jazz, funk, groove, classical, classic rock and mood. Produced by Grüvology, recorded and mastered at BFT Tapehouse in Buffalo, NY, "1st set" is a mixture of all base music with a nod to the present day beat. "New Beginnings" is laid back and jazzy with a fresh back beat of guitar, percussion and keys. A constant switch from composition to mood midstream, this tune feels like a Sunday afternoon.

"Slippery Slope" is Bernard on lead with Grüvology adding their own expertise to this experiment of sorts. This track has an ethereal feel to it, like a constant dream state. It is meditative in nature. "Include Rockin' Dennis" is upbeat with percussion apparent. This tune will get you in the groove. "3x+1" is a masterpiece. The title alone is an algebraic equation combining Walter, Bernard, Efferin and Tim. In order to fully experience where Grüvology is at on "3x+1" you need to grab the CD.

The artwork on "1st Set", designed by Dana Kemp, is a chemistry experiment mixed with mathematics simultaneously showing the calm nature of the band. Grüvology manages to take all art forms and produce music which can only be felt, seen and heard by seeing them live or grabbing this CD.

Check out: to connect with the guys, grab the CD and also their blog at:

I had the pleasure of having Walt, Bernard and Efferin in studio and they are the real deal. They believe in their art, have passion for music and this CD is a must have. You can catch them on Think Twice by scrolling down: and often at the Historic Colored Musicians Club and Café Allegro.

They are ever changing, always growing, constantly experimenting. Grüvology is art. In every genre. They are fusion.

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