Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buffalo Musicians Host 25 Hour Food Bank Event

On June 22, 2009 at 12 noon at the steps of City Hall, Niagara Square, Buffalo musicians are tackling hunger issues on a grassroots level by providing a 25 hour FREE concert titled: Tunes4food. This event, that runs 25 hours straight, is in direct support of The Food Bank of Western New York.

Everyone faces tough challenges today, yet there is hope with the formation of a growing alliance hosted by student graduates of ‘Music in Action’ (an educational program sponsored by the local nonprofit, Music is Art), mentored by members of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, and Bob James, Director of Student Voices (a state-certified student leadership trainer).

ANYONE can join the “alliance” to support the event. All you need to do is promise to help spread the word and bring food to get your organization’s link on the website.

"A main message in Music in Action’s training is – ‘If you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, just do what you say you will do. Keep the promises you make’", said James. "President Obama addressed the nation in the same manner speaking of grassroots community based service projects." Bob James, veteran of local groups such as The Restless, The Rain, Third Floor Strangers, Big Happy Family, and Ministers of Love, has used music to reach people in creative ways. His past projects include: This Is It – Greater Buffalo's Greatest 1977-1984 compilation CD's, War Is Over – musicians united for safe schools, Buffalo Classic Rock CD benefit for Music is Art, and Music In Action - a school based business curriculum co-authored with Robby Takac (Goo Goo Dolls & Music is Art).

Bob James went on to say that several Music In Action students have stayed connected to us since graduation, wanting more support and direction – like continuing education. “Students get inspired by our training module on ‘music activism’ and when I saw a recent news story on how the Food Bank is getting more calls these days, it all just clicked – ‘tunes4food’”, James continued. “And since I have been helping the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame develop an after-school program, their participation seemed a natural fit, knowing that veteran musicians would add decades of career skills and wisdom about activism – going back to the 1960’s.”

“We are overwhelmed by this generous offer to create a 25-hour awareness of hunger in our community through a live continuous music concert." said Marylou Borowiak, President and CEO of the Food Bank of WNY. "We hope people from throughout Western New York will come downtown during that time to enjoy some wonderful music while helping a great cause of feeding our hungry neighbors, especially the children and seniors. There will be a Food Bank truck on site throughout the 25 hours."

"The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame is happy to be involved in such a wonderful event that will bring awareness and food for people in need. This concert will feature Inductees and Veterans of The Hall of Fame and is a great use of music as the social vehicle that will bring the community together.", said Anthony Casuccio, Vice President, The Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame.

Tunes4food is an historic event where everyone can help regardless of financial status or time constraints. It is 25 hours straight beginning on Monday, June 22 at 12 noon continuous through the night until Tuesday, June 23rd at 1pm. This is a chance to give back, to help create positive change, and to model a direct plan of action for other communities and the world. In Western New York, we are most certainly the City of Good Neighbors. Distinguish yourself from the crowd. Make a difference.

Alliance Leaders
Buffalo Music Hall of Fame

Susan Marie
New York USA 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buffalo Select Chorus: Babeville: June 3, 2009

On June 3, 2009 7:30pm at Asbury Hall (Babeville), 341 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Select Chorus will host its 4th annual concert with a recording of their new CD. This is FREE and open to the public with a reception to follow.

Directed by Linda Appleby, Buffalo Select Chorus has been performing since 2005 for diverse Western New York audiences. The Chorus consists of Buffalo Public School students specializing in: gospel, jazz, classical, blues, baroque, chamber music and contemporary.

Linda Appleby, awarded "Linda Appleby Day" by City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown at the 2008 performance, is immensely dedicated to her students. Her vision began as having a dynamic chorus of students from all of the Buffalo Public High Schools to perform a mixed repertoire of music to provide professional recordings for the students college applications. She has gone far and beyond that vision with 4 CD's produced as of 2009. Linda has given the students opportunity to expand their vocal skills with certified music teachers and professional musicians.

This years special guest is Joseph Wooten, "The Hands of Soul." Wooten is the fourth brother of the quintet "The Wooten Brothers". He began organ at six and grew up playing music and opening for the likes of Curtis Mayfield, War and Stephanie Mills. Currently he tours with The Steve Miller Band, and his brother Victor Wooten.

Buffalo Select Chorus can be heard rehearsing at Babeville HERE: and HERE also, The 2008 International Youth For Human Rights Awards Ceremony HERE.

To contact Linda Appleby and purchase their music click HERE. Attend their 4th Annual Concert at Asbury Hall on June 3rd to witness the talent of our High School students. This is FREE and open to the public. Buffalo Select Chorus are undoubtedly, the most gifted teenagers I have come across.

© Susan Marie
New York USA

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Noa Bursie: Familiar Addiction (NY)

In 2008, Noa Bursie recorded her 2nd CD, "Familiar Addiction", at Audio Magic Studios in Buffalo, New York. Vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, and testimony defining true art, Bursie melds all genres of music on this 13 track CD.

"Familiar Addiction" features a cavalcade of fine musicians: Jerry Livingston, John Bacon, Jr, Wendell Rivera, Ron LoCurto, Frank Grizanti, Emile Latimer, Mary Ramsey, Paul Kneis, Ken Kaufmann, Jim Whitford, Kevin Hall, Jim Bohm and Sparky (the Tibetan Monk chant on the track, "Familiar Addiction.")

"Faith Fiction", showcases Noa's gift as a lyricist within the chorus: "Grace and favor, faith and fiction, it all comes down to mercy. Mercy, mercy . . . .sweet mercy. Grant me the will to believe. Unlock this prison let me feel the faith of my fathers and . . . I will fall down on my knees, speak to me in the language of redemption, I shall be free."

"Letting go now . . . made up my mind", finds Bursie, beautifully haunting vocals, embracing the past while standing in the present. "Weightless" is one of those tunes you drive to and play over again.

"Altitudes" is a masterpiece. The guitars, all around, are impeccable, beyond perfection, as well as Noa's vocals. "Falling, falling, falling, you'd think we'd understand our plight. We're all just fools in flight, steady losing altitude, and not saving another soul in sight, but were flying still." "Altitudes" has that bluesy, brassy flavor of Hendrix and Joplin.

This album is spirit. It is passion, intellect, hurt, pain, growth, tears, smiles, and above all, the finest collaborations recorded in a long time. Noa can be reached at: MySpace and Her Website.

Bursie writes: "Each one [musician] inspired me to "rise the bar" for myself. What you hear is the sheer magic of these magnificent individuals giving their all in what was for us, and I hope will be for you, a truly spiritual experience." "Familiar Addiction" is "the result of creative energy at its peak and it is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the passion that drives it."

© Susan Marie
New York USA 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Buffalo Marathon for Cantor Susan Wehle: Flight 3407

On, May 24, 2009, Parker Gevirtzman, member of Temple Sinai, will run the 26 mile Buffalo Marathon in memory of Cantor Susan Wehle, who died in the crash of Continental Flight 3407 on February 12, 2009. This is his special gift to Susan, who was Cantor at Temple Sinai for 9 years, previous to her position as Cantor at Temple Beth Am.

Parker would like all pledges for his run to be sent to Temple Sinai, in memory of Susan Wehle. All funds will go to the "Etz Chayim" Torah Restoration Fund.

Cantor Susan Wehle loved her Judaism and the restoration of a Torah is a very appropriate way in which to honor her memory. Parker is an experienced marathon runner.

He has made this effort a focus of his life right now, and even posted his cause on "Facebook", urging the general public to contribute to this endeavor. As of this writing, 270 individuals and groups have pledged to support Parker in his run to remember Susan, including The Counseling Center of WNY and Terrie's Workout Center.

Here is the Cause on Facebook:

Those who wish to support Parker and honor Susan Wehle, can send their pledges to Temple Sinai, at 50 Alberta Drive, Amherst, NY 14226, c/o the "Etz Chayim Torah Fund".

It is requested that checks be made out to Temple Sinai, and that a note be attached indicating that this is to support Parker Gevirtzman's Marathon. Questions can be directed to Temple Sinai at 834-0708. All donations are tax deductable.

"Susan had an amazing spirit, which will be remembered always", says Parker. He intends to make her memory for a blessing.

© Susan Marie
Public Relations
New York USA

Monday, May 4, 2009

NOMAD Literary/Art Magazine: Print Release Thursday May 14 at Merge

NOMAD, Buffalo's Newest Art & Literary Magazine will be holding its debut release on May 14th at Merge Restaurant, 439 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY at 7pm. Editor of Nomad Magazine, Erica Eichelkraut, accepted works and pieces from Buffalo artists to display in the first issue. An online version will feature ad space, sponsorships and artist information after the print release on Thursday. The magazine itself will be distributed at Merge Restaurant. Erica invited local artists to read and perform during the event, along with artwork to be displayed throughout the evening.

First print artists include, yet are not limited to: Alejandro Guitierrez, Chuck Tingley, Scotty Bye Suzanne Kashuba, Geraldine Liquidano, Matthew Crane, Ian Belknap, Katherine Sehr, Drew Morrison, Jill McCracken, Alexander Brunner, Patrick Willet, Iris Kirkwood, David Kowlacyzk, Josh Smith, Kimberly Collignon, Peter Vullo, Dave Tarsa, Luke Copping, David Anthony Kafer, Oliver Morse, Matthew Buckley, Aliza Forlenza, Joyce Hill, Charles Bachman, Gregory Hayes, Don Scheller, Mary A. Johnson, Len Kagelmacher, Charlene Howard, Jim Cookfair, Daniel Predmore, David Pierro, Dan C. , Brian Nesline, Chris McGee, Mary Ellen Adragna Bossert, M. E. Gentile, Lisa H. , Ashley Smith, and Ryan McGhee.

On May 14, 2009, Merge Restaurant will host NOMAD Magazine. Through determination, vision and persistence on behalf of Editor, Erica Eichelkraut combined with the generosity of local artists, organizations and business; Buffalo will celebrate a rebirth through the eyes of our artists.

For information on sponsorship, ad space, interviews and publication opportunities, contact: Erica Eichelkraut, Editor, NOMAD Magazine: and visit online at: NOMAD

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Public Relations
New York USA