Monday, September 29, 2008

Phantasm ~ Clever Cunning Actor

Platonic idealism is the theory that the reality around us is a reflection of a higher truth. The truth, Plato argued, is the abstraction. That abstraction, IS Phantasm. Get ready to enter a new realm. One that is powerful, intricate, and beautiful with clever colors dancing together in a pale moonlight.

Phantasm consists of: Steven Ross, lyricist, vocals, lead guitar; Jay Yachetta, percussion, graphic design; and Aaron White on bass. This trio has performed from Buffalo to Ohio and I was lucky enough to see them LIVE in Buffalo performing Clever Cunning Actor. Recorded at Disaster Studios in Erie, PA, this 12 track CD is phenomenal.

The fifth song on the album, "Two Left Feet," sets you on a roller coaster ride with a funky, jazzy back beat. This tune is ripe with continuous movement interspersed with hard rock, metal and turntables. Ross' vocal range is to be envied. In a second, he is able to switch from high-pitched screeching to low tone speaking. This trio is a powerhouse apparent in the chorus: "We've come to blow your minds, with our napalm flavor and rips of doom."

The 8th track, "Hey Star," is the path of all artists and corporate America. Yachetta starts us out with a laid back high hat with Ross on vocals and White growling in with his bass. As the tune progresses, drums, vocals and bass elevate in precision. When you listen closely, you can see how in tune the three of them are with one another. They are the same while performing. 100% in control.

"Divide. Conquer. Repeat." showcases all three of these talented individuals. This is my favorite tune. Ross leads alongside tones and turntables with White's steady bass. Yachetta jumps right along with the rise and fall of the vocals. All three of them are tight. Percussion is bold and tribal. This is an anthem.

The last track, "Polyethylene Death Dream," is a masterpiece. Rarely do you see musicians perform with an intense range of talent timing at 15:43. It is difficult to describe everything heard in this tune, let alone the entire CD. There are soundscapes throughout, especially in the end.

In order to experience the utter beautiful madness that is Phantasm, visit them at:

I suggest you do not miss them.

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