Friday, February 20, 2015

Spontaneous Conversation: Soul Family, Universal Truths, Mystical Perspectives

This is so divine and precious. 

Also, on my radio show on Think Twice Radio 

This is NOT the Apple 

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Myself [Sue Marie, [This is Not the Apple] and Joel Lesses [Unraveling Religion] both radio producers at ThinkTwiceRadio, discuss various perspectives in spontaneous conversation at Our Lady of Victory Basilica & National Shrine.

The conversation focuses on soul family, spirit bonds, mystical perspectives, universal truths, the soul with two faces, rebirth, archetypes, psychology, medicine, holistic arts, ego vs self, trusting in the process, and poetry. 

The intro track © Deva Premal and Miten is from the CD "The Essence", and the track is "Gayatri Mantra" [the world’s oldest mantra, known for purification and healing.] The bells at the end are going off seven times at the national shrine. 

The question remains: Without Soul Family, What Is Life? 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Journey To Nepal

                 Published on KingSpring.Org 

Joel will be volunteering with and for --> - an organization that focuses on impoverished communities in Nepal, Haiti and Burundi, to enhance and advance the livelihood, capacity, and well-being of their members.

He is a poet, listener, counselor and a person who values exploration and evolution above all things and thanks everyone deeply for your consideration of his efforts.

Joel is a dear soul, brother, and friend I have been blessed to know personally for years. I support him wholeheartedly on his journey and dream. Nepal is an important place for me and I wish him wellness, peace, inspiration, enlightenment and education.  I am so proud of him and will do whatever is in my power to get him there to assist in the education of human rights and empowerment for those who live differently than most of us. 

Please do your part, if able, and give, share, give, share! 

I thank you from the depths of my own heart. 



This is Joel. 
Angels on your shoulders.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Please, never stop creating poetry, he said to me.

And I replied:

for all eternity
i shall attempt to describe
in words
how our kiss
between the thin line
where the sunset burrows
beside the sea

awaiting to rise
yet again
in love for the dawn
when she drags her belly
pregnant and full
across the purpling morningtide

a kaleidoscope of colors
yet to be seen
by the human eye
colors that exist
within your spirit
the iris
the corners of your smile

this is our kiss
eternal scripture

mere words
can never come close
to that divinity

yet i shall try
to write about that thin line
where the sunset burrows

beside the sea

 Words & Photo ©  Susan Marie

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Peaceful Pakistan, Pakistan For All [Children's Art Submissions]

Pakistan for All is proud to present a visual arts campaign for peace led by children.

We are asking children to show us the light and the way to 

'A Peaceful Pakistan, A Pakistan for All'

Please encourage your children to participate.

For details please contact

Sunday, February 1, 2015

i am gasoline

Published on Poems and Poetry 

with visions and goals
dreams and ideals
a sustainable life

something more
than this


before you
your feast
my mouth
your escape
my holy altar
your salvation

so that it
brings me
sweet breath
open your mouth wide,

allow it to flow
into your own
be a shining white beacon 
of hope
be all of this and more
for me, you, us

this most divine union
of souls
is meant
to change


let us rejoice
and bring them all
back home
to the land
the silt
the rich green grass
the climbing vines
and meadows
the cool deep streams
and the air we breathe

oh, so pure
the ether

let us bring it all

let us set fire to the sky
awaken oceans
raging, angry

let us call thunder
alerting the Earth
to shiver and quake
like my thighs
like your deep rich eyes
boring down upon me now
like the volcanic rumbling
of every tired human voice

let us torch ourselves
this world must be reborn

i am gasoline
and you are my match

let us awaken the angels
so their choirs are heard
in all worlds

like when we first met
a hazy rendition
of tidal waves
and dolphins dancing


© Susan Marie 
Artwork © Mark Reginald