Monday, April 27, 2009

Buffalo Premiere of the Award Winning film "Poundcake"

On May 7th, 2009, in conjunction with The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, the award winning film, "Poundcake" will premiere at The Market Arcade, 639 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203 at 7pm. "Poundcake", filmed in Buffalo, stars Academy Award Nominee Kathleen Quinlan and Jay O. Sanders. Directed by Rafael Monserrate, the screenplay is written by Buffalo native, Kevin Logie and Troy Hall.

Set in Buffalo during the late 80's, the film focuses on a rare evening spent gathering friends and family (eclectic in nature) of the main characters (Cliff and Carol), to make a devastating announcement after thirty years of marriage on Thanksgiving. Unsuspecting, everyone is then invited to an area Chinese restaurant, (The Golden Buddha), for their last "civilized" meal together.

To find out more about this screening and to purchase tickets, visit The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival.

The film is about an hour and forty minutes, made in the United States, filmed in Buffalo, NY, written by one of Buffalo's artists. The Market Arcade Film and Arts Centre is an avid supporter of film premieres in downtown's theatre district. Grab tickets online, enjoy the twisting plot and support the progression of film in Buffalo and the visionaries that created, "Poundcake."

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elizabeth Mariani: imaginary poems for my imaginary girlfriend named anabel

Elizabeth Mariani published her first volume of poetry in 2008 by Semperverdi press, entitled, "imaginary poems for my imaginary girlfriend named anabel." Earning a B.A. in American Studies, with a Concentration in Cross Cultural Studies from The University at Buffalo; Elizabeth has been a dynamic force during the rise of the poetry scene in Western New York. This 28 page volume is proof of her dedication to the written word.

The highlight of this volume can be found on page 25 where Elizabeth describes her focus for this entry: "tatiana: the siberian tiger who escaped from her open air cage in the san francisco zoo on December 25, 2007. she killed one human and injured two others. this is a story about tatiana and anabel, my imaginary girlfriend."

Elizabeth writes: "anabel and tatiana / made a pact / anabel said / to tatiana /over air and space / energy wind / and friend face / the bosom buddies / of different species / made a blood red saffron pulse / of a jugular country road pothole / slow down for the turn pact."

In this piece, Ms. Mariani manages to bring the the tiger (tatiana) caged then escaped, joined by an imaginary girlfriend, (anabel), together into their own realm. There is a melding of similarity between different species, that can be compared to present culture. The two embark on a private journey, away from media that wishes to cover the story of the tiger who has killed, away from the police and the reporters, into a childlike dream state existing purely for tatiana and anabel.

Tatiana and anabel escape into a reality of their choosing, one most of us recognize, to view the world through the eyes of a child and an animal. Through metaphor, this text causes one to understand why the tiger escaped, why the animal should not be caged and why this girlfriend, although imaginary, likens to the tiger. Tatiana too, feels outcast, as the tiger, blamed for its instinct, judged for being an animal. Caged as humans often are, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually; this piece focuses on the world today. The need to regain self and to look within and beyond the paparazzi that so often muddles the truth.

This is apparent in the lines: "how could it be / said lawyer a to lawyer b / that zoo animals / insist on being free / how can it be / said reporter a to reporter c / that reporter b / is too scared to write / what he sees." Elizabeth continues: "and tigers reaching / for natural terrain / reject the notoriety / and the fame / of the living / of the living mammal / caged for cuteness."

Elizabeth Mariani is an avid supporter of Human and Civil Rights, The Environment and Art in every genre. Her volume of poetry speaks of her own experience, told through the vision of a woman. Elizabeth's website can be seen at: and she is available for speaking engagements. There are extensive links to publications, radio, websites and many of her fine accomplishments listed.

Ms. Mariani has been featured in publications such as: Hammered Out (Hamilton, ON), The Buffalo Forum, Artvoice Magazine, and Njozi Magazine. She has had various speaking engagements highlighting: The International Dub Poetry Festival, (Toronto, ON) , Hamilton Public Library, (ON, CA), Jamaican Dub Poetry Collective, (ON, CA), Women's Studies Dept, (University at Buffalo), Underground Railroad Celebration, (Niagara University), Women's History Month Celebration, (Erie Community College), and A Celebration of Black History Month, (Erie Community College.)

To purchase this volume:, or visit Rust Belt Books, 202 Allen St., Buffalo, NY 14201, and

This review is featured in Target Audience Magazine HERE and HERE.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Dining Out For Abruzzo: Italian Earthquake Fund

On Pr Wire

For Immediate Release: (Buffalo, NY) - Peter Longo, President of The Western New York Chapter of Restaurant Association, in conjunction with Dennis Di Paolo of Ilio Di Paolo's Restaurant, and Italy's Honorary Buffalo Vice Consul, Lucia Caracci Cullens, announce a press conference to be held on Monday, April 20, 2009 at Ilio Di Paolo's Restaurant, 3785 South Park Avenue, Blasdell, NY at 3:30pm.

The conference will announce the local food service response, "Dining Out For Abruzzo", to support the victims and families from the recent earthquake in the region of Abruzzi, Italy. This region is the ancestral birthplace of numerous members of Western New York's food service community and the legendary Italian wrestler and restaurateur, Ilio Di Paolo. On April 25, 2009 at St. Anthony's Church in Buffalo, there will be a memorial service to be announced.

The Western New York Community has established itself with numerous people of Italian descent and operators of pasta and pizza houses throughout Western New York. ALL food service establishments are invited to participate in this endeavor. A portion of receipts are asking to be donated in support of "The Italian Earthquake Fund" on dinners purchased by the general public on the evening of Thursday May 7, 2009.

On April 20, at Ilio Di Paolo's, food service professionals will join the principals. As is the Italian way, there will be food and drink.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Music is Art Fundraiser: The Irish Center

On May 8, 2009, from 7pm to midnight, a fundraiser to benefit "Music is Art" will be held at The Buffalo Irish Center 245 Abbott Road, Buffalo, NY 14220. This will be an evening of outstanding and diverse entertainment from rock to jazz, fusion and hip-hop. The performers include local musicians: Type Relevant, Free Henry!, Shameflute, and The John Hunter Trio along with Rochester's own, Subsoil and Reece Q.

Music is Art is a not for profit 501c3 organization founded in 2004 by Goo Goo Dolls bassist and Buffalo native Robby Takac. Music is Art operates through a board of directors, staff, partner organizations, sponsors, and various volunteers. This organization enlightens and ignites a personal connection to the artistic merit and acceptance of all forms of music. Music is Art explores and reshapes music’s cultural, social, and educational impact on our community.

Type Relevant is a powerhouse trio that impresses a wide range of crowds with a blend of jazz, funk, blues, and hip-hop. Formed in 1999 featuring Brian Herlihy (Relevant) on bass, guitars, and vocals, along with John Hunter (TypeNice) on drums, their first shows were in 2000 in South Buffalo and Downtown Buffalo. The band acquired a wealth of local and regional support. As their unique sound blossomed, so did their networking skills and community activity. As a result, Type Relevant is well known for both their musical and promotional abilities.

The Buffalo Irish Center
is home to over a dozen not for profit organizations promoting various aspects of culture. The Center has become one of the richest cultural and ethnic centers in Western New York. It is designed to enable the community a common space where cultural interest can be fostered. For more information: 716-825-9535.

Tickets are $20 pre sale $25 door and includes beer and pizza (provided by Imperial Pizza 1035 Abbott Road) with raffles, door prizes and 50/50 split throughout the evening. To sponsor this event, donate your time as a volunteer, sell or buy tickets please contact Brian Herlihy at: 716-563-3078 or

On May 8, get to The Irish Center, support the future of music, organizations and community. Music Is Art is a leader in benefiting the progression of music education ranging from providing instruments to children to consistent outlets for local musicians to entertain.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tom Bolton: When I Cross The River (Australia)

In 2007, Tom Bolton recorded "when I cross the river" at Stranger and Walpole Streets, Triangles at Moroney and various locations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Written by Tom, this double CD has 11 tracks with a bonus track on the 2nd CD entitled" Biscuits."

Tom Bolton has been a lyricist for over thirty years and it is apparent on this compilation.
"when I cross the river" features: Tom Bolton: acoustic guitar and vocals, Richard Grace: double bass, and Jeremy P. Martin: "a whole bunch of stuff." This double disc is a journey into folk tradition laden with rock and roll, poetry, acoustics, and harmonics.

The title track, "when I cross the river" is a heartfelt rendering that can easily be applied to love, spirituality and awakening seen in the lyrics: " You came searching for me - I called You - Your voice lifted my eyes . . ." and also in the ballad, "three hearts", "Three hearts that I have seen . . . that's three times blessed that I have been."

The song, "hey, you, yeah you" is reminiscent of the 50' s beat generation poetically. Musically, it brings you back to the 70's when rock operas were birthed. The difference here is Tom adds a folk acoustic style to the mix that is raw and fresh.

Tom has been performing for over eight years in Australia, has had airplay on independent and college radio stations across the United States and Canada. This CD is a direct result of experience, talent and perseverance. The diversity of guitars embodies folk, rock, orchestra and harmony. Lyrically, this is a poetic masterpiece.

Tom Bolton can be reached at his website:, and on myspace:

To purchase the CD: or view his online press kit for booking:

This CD is a masterpiece. It is orchestra, folk, rock, opera, poetry, harmony, humor, beat and most importantly, it is everything a fine musician and lyricist strives for when making music.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lance Diamond: #1 Radio Personality of the Year

Lance Diamond has been entertaining worldwide for decades. On Tuesday, April 7th, I had the honor of interviewing Lance in studio at Think Twice Radio. You can listen here:

Every Saturday, from 6pm to midnight, Lance hosts, "Saturday Night Fever" on WJYE 96.1 FM. Online, you are able to listen LIVE, call in and email the show. At:, click on "Personalities", scroll down and check out the programming schedule. In 2009, Lance was awarded the honor of Radio Personality of the Year. Considering the various media outlets we have in Western New York, this is a huge accomplishment, especially for an entertainer. After speaking with Lance for several hours, it became apparent his career and focus is barely midstream. Imagine calling into WJYE on Saturday and telling him exactly what you would like to see him doing? How amazing would it be for the people of Western New York to do just that.

I am going to call the station this Saturday and am asking you to do the same. If only to get a glimpse of what I have, if only to speak to him about your own focus, most importantly to pay homage to a man who has not only entertained Western New York, but the entire world. It is time for us to give back to Lance.

WJYE studio line is: 716- 644-9696. For a man who refuses to refer to his fans as "fans" but as "family", the least we can do is talk to him when he is on-air. As his family, please give him a shout and listen every Saturday at 6pm. Tune in to something different and tell him yourself how much you wish to see him on television. I know I do. And that is exactly what I am saying to him LIVE on air this Saturday.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Love One Community: Musical Tribute Flight 3407

On Friday, April 24, (5pm - 9pm) and Saturday, April 25 (12 noon - 9pm), The Clarence Barnes and Noble will be hosting a 2 day musical tribute in honor of the victims and people involved with Flight 3407. Various local performers are featured including: Geno McManus, Pirate Dreams, Mike Vargovich, John Kloberdanz, Laurie Bordonaro, Peanut Brittle Satellite, Standard of Living, Terry Sulllivan and others.

When speaking with Chuck Schultz, Music Manager for The Clarence Barnes and Noble, we talked of Western New York, the City of Buffalo and the Town of Clarence and how all were affected by this turn of events. Everyone becomes troubled when a situation as this occurs that are often overlooked, such as: fireman, EMT's, police, town government officials, and most importantly, the people living in Clarence and those directly associated with people on the plane. "Hurricane Katrina affected me immensely", stated Chuck, "yet I admired how the musicians came together to rebuild. Music is my passion, when it comes down to it, the times we are going through; we come back to music in the end."

This performance involves local musicians giving their time and energy to turn a negative into a positive. Barnes and Noble in Clarence is the only current location that hosts musical events. Chuck Schulz decided to pull this together after assessing the location of the store and proximity of the tragedy, how it could have been a much worse situation considering and felt blessed to be able to provide in a time when people are in need. Chuck stated, "Giving back to the City, Western New York and the community shaped who I am."

Barnes and Noble is located at: 4401 Transit Road Clarence NY 14221. To contact Chuck: 716-634-1011. To locate store/directions online: This event is free and open to the public and all are encouraged to attend, hear great music and join in giving back through the gift of music.

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2008 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Induction

On October 9, 2008, the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame held it's 25th Anniversary Induction Ceremony at the Tralf in downtown Buffalo. I had the pleasure of covering this event to further promote the talent that is thriving in our city. This years inductees were as follows: Ed Bentley, Bob James, Richard Kermode, Jerry Livingston, Tom Reinhardt, Joe Rozler, The Schulz Family (Dave, Gretchen and Robert), Joanie Sommers, Jimmy Sacca, Mack Luchey, Anthony Marchese and Richard Sargent.

Access Think Twice Radio to listen to the first ever live performance of the Schulz Family (Bob, Gretchen and Dave, along with Joe Rozler and Jerry Livingston), all 2008 Inductees. Gretchen honored 2008 Inductees Joanie Sommers and Richard Kermode by flawlessly performing "Johnny Get Angry" and "Cry Baby."

I spoke with Van Taylor of Van Taylor Production and Taylor Made Jazz who performed during the VIP ceremonies, as well as interviews with Ritchie Derwald and Doug Morgano, (who regularly plays with Gretchen Schulz), all three of them current Board Members, as well as entertainers.

The Hutch Tech Jazz Combo was chosen this year to compliment the event. I was honored to speak with Musical Director, Ben Boyar and three students, Jacob Jay, Dalton Sharp and Samantha Peplowski. After catching Joe Rozler and Celia White, Lance Diamond took the stage and got the crowd going. One of the most honorable moments was speaking with Mack Luchey of Doris Records located at: 286 East Ferry St, Buffalo 883-2410, a staple of Buffalo's entertainment scene since the early 60's.

Shortly after, Van Taylor inducted Jerry Livingston, quite possibly the most amazing bass player I have witnessed in this region. One of the most compelling interviews was with Frances Scharett, a 2003 Inductee who was a part of the Vaudeville scene in the 40's. Doug Ruffin, (a 2004 Inductee) of WUFO and Urban Legacy Filmworks spoke on behalf of Matt Luchey, followed by Joe Rozler's Induction speech, then a duo performance with Jerry Livingston.

The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame was founded in 1983 to recognize groups and individuals who have had a significant impact on the WNY music scene and/or achieved success in the music industry on a national and often an international scale.

The Tralf was packed, the VIP music set the tone for the evening and the event went without a hitch. Parties interested in future sponsorship opportunities, supporting membership or board membership should contact Rick Mathews 716.400.8934 or email them at: