Monday, September 29, 2008

MC Vendetta ~ My 2 Cents In

MC Vendetta aka Janna Willoughby in collaboration with DJ Khemikil, the alter ego of Jessica Neilsen, joined forces as females extraordinaire to produce, "My 2 Cents In." This 12 track CD features Godfrey "G-Man" T, and "D.C." recorded in Buffalo NY and Swannanoa, NC, at North Carolina Warren College. Vendetta and Khemikil set you up for the ride of your life as you step out of your world into theirs. I present to you, MC Vendetta and DJ Khemikil.

This is "Velvet Krème".

"My 2 Cents In", is a poetic socio-political stance on the world viewed through genres such as rap, hip-hop, spoken word, vocals, and performance. With Khemikil on music and back up vocals, and Vendetta on the mic, they manage to meld boundaries many artists would not dare to venture. This is apparent in liner notes by Vendetta: " . . . we call it B-Low, where it takes so long for the grass to grow, and everyone you meet knows two people that you know and the winter takes so long it's all slow, with the snow, I grew up in the cold in this old, kinda rundown town."

If you have witnessed one of their performances, you are familiar with the 2nd track, "Memorize My Name." This is the trademark of MC Vendetta. On the 8th track, "Global Flow", Vendetta speaks of the state of the nation: "Organization stops globalization, and civilization needs interrelation, by my observation, across this fair nation, I see that we're run by some big corporation. We're supposed to be equal; we're supposed to be free, but America's chained to this box called TV . . ."

The 6th track, 'AntiTrust" is an anthem: " Believe what you want, believe what you must, Believe what you want and believe what you must, just look underneath when the stories get rust, for they must decompose and turn back into dust, for that's where we all came from, and that's all that I trust."

You must see a live performance. Vendetta is in a class of her own, as a woman onstage making waves with her poetry and voice. You can catch her at: Her personal website showcases her artwork, poetry, bio, handmade journals and photo albums at:

MC Vendetta can also be found at area venues and the Buffalo "infringement" Festival @: She is raw, she is real, she is Buffalo. Most of all, she is a poet and an artist who cares deeply about the state of our nation. Grab the CD, check out her artwork and get to the Infringement Festival.

Open your eyes to reality. This is MC Vendetta. This is DJ Khemikil.

Welcome to their world.

The world of "Velvet Krème "

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