Monday, September 29, 2008

Amanda Nagurney - Gettin' Out Of This Town (New York)

Raised in Western New York, Amanda Nagurney began vocal lessons at the age of seven. Her previous band, Copperhead Road, released a six track CD, entitled, "Gettin Out Of This Town" in 2008. Copperhead Road consisted of: Amanda Nagurney: main vocals and lead/rhythm guitar, Sarah Baumgarden: vocals, Tim Webb: percussion, Shpike McLean: bass and vocals, Joe Childs: lead guitar and vocals, Kevin Hatton: steel guitar, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, acoustic and vocals, and Buffalo Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Ehinger, on keyboards.

The first track lays down some country and western roots. "Gettin Out Of This Town," blends folk with electric guitar and percussion creating a rock-pop sound. The lyrics speak of Amanda's travels to Nashville and this tune will get you out of your seat and onto the floor when you hear: "Nothin's gonna stop me in my cowgirl boots."

"Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever" is a ballad that has a background country flavor in the slide that mimics the soaring vocals. "Rock That Country" is a track that jolts you alive. Guitar riffs and percussion can be picked up alongside undertones of R&B. "Don't Ask Me To Love You" takes the listener back to 80's pop which then gets blended with a jazzy back beat. The vocals are perfection as Amanda sings: "I'll dance with ya baby, but don't ask me to love you." In "Never Break My Heart," there is a lovely slide intro with soft-spoken vocals.

Amanda has toured the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and recorded at the infamous Ryman Auditorium. She has opened for The John Corbett Band, The Locash Boys, Sammy Kershaw, Joe Nichols, Phil Vassar, and Miranda Lambert.

She is a rising star waiting to get out of this town.

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