Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mansion on Delaware: Hotel Lafayette: Submit For Dream Wedding by Feb 1st

- Attend the event on January 22, 2014 
- Submit to win a Dream Wedding by Feb. 1st!
- Attend the expo on February 27, 2014

The Boutique Bridal Party educates and inspires the newly engaged of Buffalo. On Jan 22, 2014, at the Mansion on Delaware, brides and guests will savor the delicious tastings that the Mansion has to offer while sipping on creative cocktails and engaging in DIY [do-it-yourself] projects led by Buffalo's best wedding artisans. 
Brides will walk away with a hand crafted boutonniere, a personalized favor tag, as well as their own decorated cupcakes and so much more.  

Information for all three events below:

The Boutique Bridal Party, Buffalo’s only indie bridal organization, will hold their annual bridal expo on February 27th, 2014 at the Hotel Lafayette where they will be giving away over $15,000 in prizes towards a dream wedding to a couple in need. The Buffalo community is at the heart of the Boutique Bridal Party, which is why this year the talented vendors participating in the event are donating their time and services to one lucky couple. Everything from the engagement photos to the wedding favors will become a reality for a bride and groom who have been forced to put their dreams on hold. 

The Boutique Bridal Party will be accepting submissions from couples that have experienced true hardships that have prevented them from reaching wedded bliss. The top choices will be interviewed and reviewed by a panel for selection to the finals, in which the stories and videos will be posted on The Boutique Bridal Party’s Facebook page. The followers of the Boutique Bridal Party will get to vote on their top story and the winner will be announced live, at the closing of the event in February.


Simply submit your story, 500 words or less, and 1-3 photographs of yourselves to by 02.01.14.


The Boutique Bridal Party was created in 2012 by Ali Eagen of Made by Anatomy and Erica Eichelkraut of City Lights Studio. The first event was held on February 28th, 2013 & received rave reviews! Featured on, Buffalo Spree, Buffalo Rising and more, with 30 vendors and over 400 attendees, the event was the first of its kind in Buffalo and a hit. 93% of the brides who attended and responded to a survey said they loved the event and would recommend to a friend.

Based on the success of this event, it became more evident that brides in Buffalo wanted better wedding options, yet did not know where to find them. The Boutique Bridal Party set out to solve this problem. With an annual bridal show and new publication, With Love, they have become Buffalo’s most specialized bridal organization connecting Buffalo’s indie brides to the top local wedding artisans. 

With Love will be a resource guide, as well as a source of inspiration and knowledge for the particular brides of Buffalo who refuse to settle for anything less than the most creative elements for their wedding. Published annually, With Love will represent Buffalo wedding artisans as well as present engaging ideas and articles for the modern bride, including editorial photo features, DIY craft projects, cocktail recipes, real life wedding features, stories and more. With Love will push the boundaries by showing the brides of Buffalo how their wedding can stand out from the rest!

Good Luck! 

Check out all three events, January 22nd at the Mansion, February 27th at Hotel Lafayette and submit your story to be entered for a dream wedding by February 01, 2014! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Miss Mother Nature

                                                              On Audio Here

my head

like wounds caused
by gunshots

a bullet forced
by physics
through a barrel
as the membranes
that separate
my temporal lobes
as they bulge
waiting to explode

like Mt St Helen
a most fiery explosion

Dear Lord,
my hands are lined
rusted with blood
not my own
but the souls of others

and I have risen them
towards you
in supplication

yet now, I wish to rest
that the world is on fire
like my brain
slowly, melting

bear my melodies and songs
they are my cries
disguised as madness
as angels in choir

do you hear my voice?

it whispers secrets
of those before me 
a most heartsick feeling
and my spirit is reeling
from simply
where I

and in the middle I stand
on tiptoes
as a child
trying my best
to peek over the ledge

and my neck cranes
to the farthest borders
to the great continents
and I have sunk my teeth
much too deep
into the skin of humanity

and I bite
yet am starved
standing at the abyss
needing your hand
and the tip of the wing
of an angel

so I can breathe


© Susan Marie