Saturday, March 29, 2014

a thousand words


i can write
one million poems
the sweet breath
of breeze
like peaches in summertime
how they cool your brow and palette
on a day
that is sweltering,

or how the speech
of our forefathers
can never suffice
to explain the thoughts
that explode inside my brain
like atoms, splitting
supernovas in space
constellations ablaze
neurons sounding
and resounding
across synapses
like trapeze artists
on tripwires

and I can write
of the speech of animals
foreign to the human sense of sound
and how only they comprehend,
what they say
to one another

and I can even write of God and the heavens
the beauty of the skies at dawn and sunset
colors yet undiscovered
for us all,

i can write of it all
a thousand words
describing everything

yet not one word
or poem
can ever compare
to the softness of your gaze
like the canvas of the morning tide
or your silent roar
not unlike that of the mighty lion
or precisely how your spirit connects
to my very own

i can write of it all
mere words
i can write
one million poems

and not one can ever truly describe


but i can try

© Susan Marie

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Is Your Purpose? [with radio interview]

First published: 

What is divine intervention? Why are we here? What is your purpose?

These are questions many of us ask ourselves and others every day. Such dilemmas exist because we have diverse lives that lead us to further investigation. Such questions may bring one to personal growth, overcoming obstacles, settling on or away from a belief system, deciding what path is correct to follow and most importantly, the value of self.

Scholars, seers, religious leaders, scientists, peace makers, activists and those that have come before us, our forefathers, have asked themselves the same questions.

Did they arrive at a conclusion? We shall never truly know the answer, all we are able to do is keep searching, keep meeting new people, strive to improve and do our very best to simply be good people.

Rich Pawelski was born in Western New York, USA. At an early age he began having intense experiences while in a waking state. As a child, it frightened him at first, not fully understanding what was occurring.

As he grew older, he kept these experiences by him, yet not until the passing of his older brother, his best friend, did he begin to accept what he was gifted with and fully put forth efforts to take what once confused him to learn more about what was happening within him.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rich, a psychic medium, in 2013, while on a similar quest myself; one of a heart centered study, and spoke with him twice before I interviewed him. Everything Rich reported for me, as a conduit, was accurate. Nothing that he said was indirect or vague.

We spoke for an hour in order to educate those who have never had such experiences, as well as those that do, yet might be fearful of sharing or accepting their own path.

The one hour interview, basically, a conversation, is below:

Rich has helped me find more direction in my life and to make important business and personal life choices based upon his extremely insightful advice. Most feelings, thoughts and emotions we tend to ignore within us. Most things we already question, yet seek reassurance.

He has been able to bring several loved ones that have passed by me, here and now, those that watch over and guide me. Rich has and continues to be a source of healing of buried emotions and past hurt that I have held onto without realizing. Through his own challenges, he has managed to overcome his own grief and turn that into love spreading outward towards helping others.

Most of us hopefully question existence, all that is, was and will be. Even if you never tell another soul what you are thinking, paying attention to your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and natural instincts are crucial in order to move forward to where you are meant to be.

Rich works with meditation, group parties, personal readings, phone readings, medium ship, tarot and his own psychic abilities.

I have had extensive past experiences with psychics, mediums, and various extensions of the holistic healing arts. I am able to say, without any doubt, that Rich is beyond exceptional tapping into his natural abilities. Every single message relayed to him, and through him, from sources many of us have yet to understand, was precisely for and related to me. Rich has become one of my most dear friends and isn’t that what THIS is all about?

Connecting, learning, growing, exploring?

After listening to the radio interview above, I hope that you too are able to answer:

What is my purpose?

I most surely can.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

and the sky, she cries thunder

i've been thrown away

do you realize i told you
this would happen

you smiled and laughed
said there's no possible way
as you stared at me,
staring at you,

and you liked that

and i smiled back
knowing the truth
yet to pass

my chest
my heart
trying not to


i smiled

because you needed me to be strong
and i was a pillar
like now
spitting out bits of blood and bone meal marrow
from the tips of fingers
that writes words
like you

but you threw me away
like some second hand thrift shop used shoes

and you are not the first
you are one of many

and it has taken me a long time
to accept this absurd existence
i seem to keep choosing for myself

for it is not your fault
nor mine

but you threw me away

Dear God, there must be some greater good
to the muttering thoughts
that do not belong to me
they tell the truth
i push them away
in denial
that i am

i kneel under this dank dark grey winter skyline
hovering upon the Eastern shore
palms raised
lined, in supplication

oh, these hands of mine
writing words such as this
to deaf ears
to blind eyes
to uncaring hearts
to the bleeding mouths of those who suffer

but this is not the first time
nor the last

for i rise
like the sun
and rise
like constellations
and rise
like mountains echoing time
after time
that the sky

i rise
i am love
i rise
i am free
i rise
because i am

you see
you once saw
like the others

we are
exactly the same
yet different

you see
you do not
we are
the same
yet different

because i


© Susan Marie