Monday, September 29, 2008

Scribe for the Tribe ~ Musick

Scribe for the Tribe is a local acoustic/electric power trio based in Buffalo. "Musick," was released in December of 2007. Scribe for the Tribe consists of: Charlie Forness on lead vocals, guitar/lyricist, Joe Garrigan on bass and Steve Wellenc on percussion/graphic design.

When I first saw them as a trio I became awestruck. If you have ever followed the progression of a single band, you build an inner sense of pride. Scribe for the Tribe has done just that for me. They are making it, have made it, and they are performing. It's phenomenal.

"Mess In My Wake" is where you get a taste of percussion. The reverb on drums with chord changes is ethereal. Lyrically, this tune takes you deep within yourself. "I sit around . . . I sit around now while my soul stagnates . . . I been around I been around while the world deflates . . . and I see the light . . . "

"Heaven" stands out from the rest on this compilation. This is a tribute to the one who shares Charlie's life. His wife, Nichole. Upbeat and jazzy, the listener is left with the notion that the act of of coming home is Heaven. The harmonizing here is lovely. This is pristine.

Scribe for the Tribe is essentially, an acoustic poet, a rock bassist and a metal percussionist combined into the force of one band. Each of them are prodigious musicians. Together, they create something quite singular. Poetry and jazz incensed with blues accelerated through metal.

Get a hold of the guys at: "Musick" is a masterpiece scattered with bongos, drums, bass, harmonies, acoustics, poetry and soul. To see them live is the only way to experience all of this combined.

Standing on the sidelines, I chronicle Scribe for the Tribe as unconventional, monumental and absolute.

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