Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Music of Michael Horsphol (Australia)

Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising

Michael Horsphol brings us originally composed music in his 8 track CD entitled: Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising. He gives his inspiration to nature, the countryside of Northern Tasmania, Australia. Michael is inventive, using digital multi sampling of acoustic orchestral, ethnic instruments and choirs. Artwork, composition, mixing, and production is done solely by Michael who has completed soundtrack work for film productions.

The first track Lu'Ella Unveiled is an orchestral vocal journey seated in a dimly lit theatre simultaneously roaming the wilderness. Michael incorporates that soundtrack "feel" with additions of flutes, orchestra and vocals. It is reminiscent of nothing I have heard.

Gloria Natura is by far my favorite. This is a modern twist to the classical Ave Maria. This is the most calming peaceful song. Instead of taking away from old themes, as most modern does, Michael ADDS to this, bringing forth a "New World" quality that is missing in the original.

Blue Wings is stunning. This IS the gift of flight through music. The bass is full and rich, with a surround sound quick tempo as if you are in front of an orchestra. Listening to this sets me faraway over craggy embankments, on turbulent seas; to transcend this plane, inside a science fiction film, a forest glen, the sky. Blue Wings is a masterpiece.

Visit Michael by going to: http://www.michaelhorsphol.com/ and check out Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising. The jacket is phenomenal, emblazoned with a majestic sunset overlooking the vast sea. This CD is multi educational/cultural. It can be used for meditation, education in schools, college level digital track courses, and most definitely, for all spiritual enlightenment.

Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising is THE next soundtrack for a Major Motion Picture. This is fresh, exciting. It IS . . . Earth meets Cinema.

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