Sunday, November 8, 2015

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

 © Susan Marie

Dear Most Holy Mother Nature,

I hope you are having a glorious day. I am writing with hope that you hear me, this one simple soul in vast, endless realms of being.

I admire your strength, beauty, your utmost perseverance. The wonder you provide me daily is ecstatic. I appreciate your waters that surround me, the colors you adorn through Autumn, your bird-songs during Spring and the first pure snowfall in Winter. I must admit, the cold I can do without forever, as well as the mountains of snow that seem to never melt, so please, bear with me, I have a message that has a point.

You see, my head is in a vice. My bones hurt. Lately, I feel like I am suffering from multiple personalty disorder although I am pretty sure I am quite fine, yet the physical ailments are due to your ever changing moods, sporadic and unannounced

I understand you are not fully to blame. This race, the human one, can be quite selfish and must bear witness and be held accountable for your behavior. I know you are more than angry with us all and on my end, I am sorry for the cruel actions of my fellow brothers and sisters in the past and present. 

I have immense trust that the lot of us that champion for change have begun to reverse some of the damage and abuse. I know we cannot replace what has been lost and for that, I am eternally in debt to you.

For now, please decide on the season. Last week it was July, the week before that it was hailing when it rained, the past week was cold then sunny then warm then humid then cloudy then freezing then sunny and today, it feels like April coming into May. 

Please excuse my outright ignorance, but you do realize it is November?

Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint whatsoever. I want you to be fully yourself, majestic and unstoppable and hope that you decide to spare us winter for that would be perfectly fine with me. I can start a petition if you like? I tend to look vampirish for 5-6 months and hibernate so the sun as of late, is utterly pleasant and the high temperatures are quite lovely. 

Thank you for being gentle with us all. You are indeed, at times, an empathetic force.

What I am getting at is for us sensitive souls, the human barometers. Can you please stay one way, if at all possible? I ask you this from the depths of my humble heart because my skull is wishing it were a pumpkin smashed on the late October sidewalks.

I know I am only one human soul and although I can scream loud enough for you to hear, I offer this simple supplication to you to forgive us all for being materialistic and full of ego.

Today, the great eye of heaven is sneaking through my windows.  On my porch, I still have peppers and tomatoes growing. My heating bill is low and I have had no need to don winter clothes. What a blessing! 

If my voice means anything to you, Dear Mother Nature, my utmost wish is that we just skip winter entirely and pretend it is May. That sounds like a plan!

I am grateful for this rare occasion of existing without the usual drastic arctic temperatures and snowdrifts. It is my hope and eternal wish that you are happy and keep smiling as you are. 

My intention is that you decide fully on one emotion and not forty. I understand you, although I have no rational explanation for the female gender myself.

May this reach you in peace and know that I seriously have things to accomplish and I do my best to keep you safe, happy, alive and free.


Your endless muse,

Susan Marie

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