Thursday, October 29, 2015


caught -
within irises
lined with silver gilt -

steel shoulders
of hope,
like trees in winter,

unwavering statues,
among the dying fields of Autumn
still apparent,
beneath the first drifts
of snowfall,

and the fierce songs
of winter, harsh,
bypass you
on each
and every side

unwavering to the sudden change of season.

The birds find solace
in your limbs as arms
and legs as trunks
of roots of ages
of hallowed love,
profound -
reaching the pads of my feet
planted pure,
among dirt and sand
touching you
ever so gently,
with a song
of my own.

My dearest soul,
we share the universe
the clouds and sun,
the phases of the moon,
the planets and stars,
the rise of each Vesuviant dawn
and the angelic embrace
of the calming whisper
of the coming of night.

My most holy heart,
I bow my head in grace
for what cannot be revealed
is felt,
and I pray to your human form,
for you have allowed me
to die a thousand deaths
to myself, within you.

We have taken flight,
like Ancient Greeks
upon peaks
of the Hindu Kush,
while walking barefoot
as indigenous once did
in one of five Great Lakes
walking side by side,
oceans away.

Here I am -
me, with you

and you


© Susan Marie

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