Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Most Holy Call To Bliss

© Susan Marie 

Throughout life we consistently deny who we are and what we are truly supposed to be doing mainly due to familial and societal pressure. 

We are given time-frames in life that are completely unrealistic to gauge where and how we should be living. We live denying our own selves. This is the polar opposite of divine bliss. Bliss is not man-made, bliss is what speaks to the soul.

In my own life, I have set aside writing novels, writing my own story, due to things I thought were essential for me to be doing and they were essential and necessary and correct for growth. However, there is no reason to deny one's own bliss within certain time-frames. 

Our mistake as humans is never realizing that we can do whatever we want at any given moment, we are powerful, not powerless. 

The "ideal" of not having power is ingrained in our minds from birth. Time to talk, time to walk, time for school, time for . . . time frames. Clocks. Calendars. 

Our existence has been molded for us and it is our job as whole beings to deny what we have been ingrained with and heed the call of the universe when it pulls and yanks at our ears and hair. When one denies self, illness sets in, identity crisis, a breakdown of the soul. This is okay, this is normal and healthy. We are taught it is abnormal.

A breakdown of self and overcoming that is a genuine call from the universe to wake up and fly like the most holy beautiful souls that we are.

* * * 

Suggestions for furthering quest for self: 

Finding Joe: [Joseph Campbell - The Hero's Journey Movie]
  • Downloadable for free above, a dedication to the brilliance of Campbell through the mouths of those who have proven his insight through their experience, uplifting and necessary.

Søren Kierkegaard: The Concept of Anxiety: A Simple Psychologically Orienting Deliberation on the Dogmatic Issue of Hereditary Sin  

  • This book will blow your entire self wide open. The man was a mad genius.

The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell 

  • If you read it, read it again and again throughout your life. Gift it to someone. We all need it.

Most of all, love yourself enough to keep searching . . . 

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