Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SUNY ECC Students and Modern Poetry [Visiting Speaker on Poetry]

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Jennifer Campbell --> jennifer-campbell.com/ educator, editor, poet and writer, invited me to speak to her SUNY ECC students on Modern Poetry, Writing and Spoken Word. The students had such enlightening questions to ask me during and after. This is a short audio excerpt of that visit.

This can be listened to on Think Twice Radio and Soundcloud and below, embedded.

We often do not realize what we project out to the world and feedback is important. After we talked, laughed and learned from one another, a few students had mind blowing things to say to me.

One student told me she enjoyed my talk because I was simply real. Another stated that she adored my reading of the poem "I Am' because it empowered her. One student told me that "I pulled a Stephen King" and I will take that compliment with a great big smile. Several students told me that I did a good job and my writing is different and for me, such words are important and essential and tell me I am on track at getting my own messages across regarding all forms of writing.

This audio is funny, upfront and well, it is me, simply as I am. I hope you enjoy. I am most honored to have been able to speak to students on writing. 

Thank you Jennifer and thank you to all the students of her Modern Poetry course. 

Get writing! 



How does one say


such words seem
hollow even

echo like


dropped for



         well(ing) within


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