Tuesday, November 10, 2015

5 Websites That Must Be Checked Out

© Susan Marie 

Weekly, I promote the lovely, healthy, healing, interesting places I find online, so that you too, can enjoy them as I do. Please see below, share, subscribe, connect and tell others! 

1. Soundcloud - paying for this service yearly is worth it if you are into music, spoken word, sound and radio. I adore soundcloud. I place my radio shows, spoken word poetry and nature sounds here. 

2. Thrive Market - I paid $5 for Nutiva pure virgin coconut oil which usually costs me up to $20 locally and received it at my door in one day. This market has everything holistic and you get a free recipe book with your first order.

3. papercaft miracles - the only place to go for handmade journals, photo albums, hand stitched binding and personalized books, baby albums, wedding invites, paper products and everything under the sun.

4. Blogging for Books - one free print book per month shipped to you if you review it on your/their blog/website, easy and free and another form of creative writing.

5. Spiritual Moment - website and youtube - both sites have various forms of meditative music and sound for reiki, massage, chakras and relaxation. Divine, seriously.

Last weeks websites < please go see them too! 


 © Susan Marie 


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