Monday, November 23, 2015

Being No-thing-ness

We meet people for the purpose of elevation of the soul, sometimes elevation for one person, hopefully, for both.

On existence:

From Being and Nothingness: "Sartre contends that human existence is a conundrum whereby each of us exists, for as long as we live, within an overall condition of nothingness (no-thing-ness)—that ultimately allows for free consciousness. But simultaneously, within our being (in the physical world), we are constrained to make continuous, conscious choices." 

I agree. This is a difficult way to exist at times.
People enter our paths for reasons. It is up to us to understand what the purpose is. Sometimes you may not know right away. No matter what occurred before, during and after, our mission for betterment and evolution of consciousness is to realize that everything is eventually positive. There are no negatives. Only lessons on both ends. It is not your mission to make the other person realize this; it is only your own understanding and purpose that matters. 

This is growth.

Giving of yourself allows openness, acceptance, and vulnerability. Without being free in the sense of an accepting soul, there simply cannot be divine love. Giving of self can be both beautiful and painful. Do not fear this, accept it, allow yourself to feel and move past all human condition to a place where you are grateful for every experience and encounter.

I have discovered that a lot of people are afraid of a pure unconditional outpouring of love. There is fear attached to love because we are taught by society to be on guard. This is not a natural way to exist.

Terms such as "soul-mate" and "one and only" keep us from experiencing numerous spiritual bonds in various fashions and such bonds must be honored and respected. The only time you must walk away from a situation is when there is pain and hurt. It is unhealthy to stay in a place of negativity.

Think: Purpose met, time to leave.

Humanity is in dire need of healing. 
It is so easy to love and
there is so much love to give. 

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