Thursday, April 28, 2016

Live From a Dojo: Reiki, Music, Healing, Laughter

Live from a Dojo after a Reiki treatment and guided meditation, with Ruben Zukowski, DJ, musician and Reiki Master, specializing in global fusion and sound healing. I speak of my experience this evening. 

This is a precious conversation that covers the basic tenements of Reiki, various healing modalities with a special focus on Ruben's musical talents.

We feature live bells, gongs and bowls that reverberated throughout the dojo.

Zuk is full of life and throughout this interview, we are laughing hysterically while speaking of deep spiritual truths, the power of thoughts, words, music, chakras, arts, and culture.

This interview was conducted during the early stages of both of our spiritual journeys. I will treasure this always.

Image © Ruben Zukowski - Grayn [grain] music

You can also listen HERE 

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