Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Buffalo Minority Business Owner Launches New Business/Website


WHO:     Yves-Richard Blanc, founder and CEO of YR Blanc & Co. LLC, dba Renovatio DNA Relationship Testing.

WHAT:    Minority owned business focusing on the psychological, scientific and medical need for DNA testing in this region with specific calls to action and a main focus on the health and well being of all involved, especially the children.  

WHERE:  Renovatio DNA Relationship Testing, 1275 Main Street, Suite 120, Buffalo, NY 14209, 716-332-1633

WHEN:    April 2016

Yves-Richard Blanc, entrepreneur and consistent supporter of community, first came to Buffalo in 2004 after hearing Mayor Byron Brown give a speech in New York City about minority business owners and opportunities in Buffalo. 

Yves came to the U.S. at 8 years old from Haiti, his family moving to Montreal, then Brooklyn. Yves attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan studying commercial photography and advertising. For the 30 years, he has worked in sales and management 15 of those years in health care.

Yves- Richard Blanc learned how to set up companies and help them become profitable. Renovatio DNA Relationship Testing is his current endeavor. 

Today, Yves-Richard Blanc is a forerunner in providing not only services needed for Western New York and Buffalo communities, but as a minority business leader creating opportunities for employment, education, health and well being for our families.

Please contact: Yves-Richard Blanc: 
Private Line: 716-800-3999

Renovatio specializes in DNA paternity testing for legal and private use, offering a wide range of DNA relationship tests. 

They provide testing to private individuals, law enforcement and legal representatives to resolve paternity disputes, establish child custody, assist with immigration claims, identify rightful heirs, assist with the adoption process and much more. 

Their mission is to educate donors about their rights and provide them with resources necessary through the DNA collection process by providing excellent family centered service through compassion, competence and in an environment that meets or exceeds the expectations of those we serve and educate.


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