Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Up-cycling Glass: Stamp Art Tutorial

I absolutely enjoy experimenting with different mediums of art and creativity. I attempt various tutorials in order to share with others diverse ways to be artistic, Eco-conscious, feasible and most importantly, fun. 

Most supplies necessary to create can be found within your own home. 

For this tutorial, I spent nothing. I used a tall glass container that was leftover from a candle. Before I used this container for up-cycling, it was holding a small bamboo plant that outgrew the container. 

  • Any kind of glue [tacky glue, white glue, modge podge, anything that dries clear, non toxic.]
  • Glass containers [I found that slimmer, upright types of glass are more pleasing to the eye than shorter, rounder containers.] 
  • I used stamps. I collect them and the ones I used are "used" stamps. You can use whatever you want to decorate the glass. 

  • Make sure the container is clean and free of any labels, glue, or residue. 
  • Use an old paintbrush, any type, brush on a small area of glue onto the glass. Use a small, thin amount of glue.
  • Start having fun and attaching the stamps [or whatever you choose to put on there.] 
  • Let the stamps dry for about 10 minutes. Brush on modge podge lightly to put a final semi-gloss coat on all.   
  • Be careful to not use too much glue in both steps depending upon what you are using. Some forms of paper buckle and tear easily.

The stamps were fun to use because it was like putting a puzzle together. Each stamp signifies a different nation, era and important part of history. Last night, I lit one up with a tealight candle and it looks beautiful. 

Right now, this same container is holding all my pens and pencils. 

It still can be used for a starter planter for certain kinds of plants, like bamboo, cactus or a new root. 

You can literally use this for anything because the stamps look that good. 

Have fun, enjoy, create and check out other tutorials I have done below.

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