Friday, April 10, 2009

Tom Bolton: When I Cross The River (Australia)

In 2007, Tom Bolton recorded "when I cross the river" at Stranger and Walpole Streets, Triangles at Moroney and various locations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Written by Tom, this double CD has 11 tracks with a bonus track on the 2nd CD entitled" Biscuits."

Tom Bolton has been a lyricist for over thirty years and it is apparent on this compilation.
"when I cross the river" features: Tom Bolton: acoustic guitar and vocals, Richard Grace: double bass, and Jeremy P. Martin: "a whole bunch of stuff." This double disc is a journey into folk tradition laden with rock and roll, poetry, acoustics, and harmonics.

The title track, "when I cross the river" is a heartfelt rendering that can easily be applied to love, spirituality and awakening seen in the lyrics: " You came searching for me - I called You - Your voice lifted my eyes . . ." and also in the ballad, "three hearts", "Three hearts that I have seen . . . that's three times blessed that I have been."

The song, "hey, you, yeah you" is reminiscent of the 50' s beat generation poetically. Musically, it brings you back to the 70's when rock operas were birthed. The difference here is Tom adds a folk acoustic style to the mix that is raw and fresh.

Tom has been performing for over eight years in Australia, has had airplay on independent and college radio stations across the United States and Canada. This CD is a direct result of experience, talent and perseverance. The diversity of guitars embodies folk, rock, orchestra and harmony. Lyrically, this is a poetic masterpiece.

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This CD is a masterpiece. It is orchestra, folk, rock, opera, poetry, harmony, humor, beat and most importantly, it is everything a fine musician and lyricist strives for when making music.

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