Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lance Diamond: #1 Radio Personality of the Year

Lance Diamond has been entertaining worldwide for decades. On Tuesday, April 7th, I had the honor of interviewing Lance in studio at Think Twice Radio. You can listen here:

Every Saturday, from 6pm to midnight, Lance hosts, "Saturday Night Fever" on WJYE 96.1 FM. Online, you are able to listen LIVE, call in and email the show. At:, click on "Personalities", scroll down and check out the programming schedule. In 2009, Lance was awarded the honor of Radio Personality of the Year. Considering the various media outlets we have in Western New York, this is a huge accomplishment, especially for an entertainer. After speaking with Lance for several hours, it became apparent his career and focus is barely midstream. Imagine calling into WJYE on Saturday and telling him exactly what you would like to see him doing? How amazing would it be for the people of Western New York to do just that.

I am going to call the station this Saturday and am asking you to do the same. If only to get a glimpse of what I have, if only to speak to him about your own focus, most importantly to pay homage to a man who has not only entertained Western New York, but the entire world. It is time for us to give back to Lance.

WJYE studio line is: 716- 644-9696. For a man who refuses to refer to his fans as "fans" but as "family", the least we can do is talk to him when he is on-air. As his family, please give him a shout and listen every Saturday at 6pm. Tune in to something different and tell him yourself how much you wish to see him on television. I know I do. And that is exactly what I am saying to him LIVE on air this Saturday.

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