Monday, April 27, 2009

Buffalo Premiere of the Award Winning film "Poundcake"

On May 7th, 2009, in conjunction with The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, the award winning film, "Poundcake" will premiere at The Market Arcade, 639 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203 at 7pm. "Poundcake", filmed in Buffalo, stars Academy Award Nominee Kathleen Quinlan and Jay O. Sanders. Directed by Rafael Monserrate, the screenplay is written by Buffalo native, Kevin Logie and Troy Hall.

Set in Buffalo during the late 80's, the film focuses on a rare evening spent gathering friends and family (eclectic in nature) of the main characters (Cliff and Carol), to make a devastating announcement after thirty years of marriage on Thanksgiving. Unsuspecting, everyone is then invited to an area Chinese restaurant, (The Golden Buddha), for their last "civilized" meal together.

To find out more about this screening and to purchase tickets, visit The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival.

The film is about an hour and forty minutes, made in the United States, filmed in Buffalo, NY, written by one of Buffalo's artists. The Market Arcade Film and Arts Centre is an avid supporter of film premieres in downtown's theatre district. Grab tickets online, enjoy the twisting plot and support the progression of film in Buffalo and the visionaries that created, "Poundcake."

Susan Marie
Public Relations
New York USA

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