Saturday, April 4, 2009

2008 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Induction

On October 9, 2008, the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame held it's 25th Anniversary Induction Ceremony at the Tralf in downtown Buffalo. I had the pleasure of covering this event to further promote the talent that is thriving in our city. This years inductees were as follows: Ed Bentley, Bob James, Richard Kermode, Jerry Livingston, Tom Reinhardt, Joe Rozler, The Schulz Family (Dave, Gretchen and Robert), Joanie Sommers, Jimmy Sacca, Mack Luchey, Anthony Marchese and Richard Sargent.

Access Think Twice Radio to listen to the first ever live performance of the Schulz Family (Bob, Gretchen and Dave, along with Joe Rozler and Jerry Livingston), all 2008 Inductees. Gretchen honored 2008 Inductees Joanie Sommers and Richard Kermode by flawlessly performing "Johnny Get Angry" and "Cry Baby."

I spoke with Van Taylor of Van Taylor Production and Taylor Made Jazz who performed during the VIP ceremonies, as well as interviews with Ritchie Derwald and Doug Morgano, (who regularly plays with Gretchen Schulz), all three of them current Board Members, as well as entertainers.

The Hutch Tech Jazz Combo was chosen this year to compliment the event. I was honored to speak with Musical Director, Ben Boyar and three students, Jacob Jay, Dalton Sharp and Samantha Peplowski. After catching Joe Rozler and Celia White, Lance Diamond took the stage and got the crowd going. One of the most honorable moments was speaking with Mack Luchey of Doris Records located at: 286 East Ferry St, Buffalo 883-2410, a staple of Buffalo's entertainment scene since the early 60's.

Shortly after, Van Taylor inducted Jerry Livingston, quite possibly the most amazing bass player I have witnessed in this region. One of the most compelling interviews was with Frances Scharett, a 2003 Inductee who was a part of the Vaudeville scene in the 40's. Doug Ruffin, (a 2004 Inductee) of WUFO and Urban Legacy Filmworks spoke on behalf of Matt Luchey, followed by Joe Rozler's Induction speech, then a duo performance with Jerry Livingston.

The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame was founded in 1983 to recognize groups and individuals who have had a significant impact on the WNY music scene and/or achieved success in the music industry on a national and often an international scale.

The Tralf was packed, the VIP music set the tone for the evening and the event went without a hitch. Parties interested in future sponsorship opportunities, supporting membership or board membership should contact Rick Mathews 716.400.8934 or email them at:

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