Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Art : Arabic "Peace" Dove & Chinese "Peace" & Bodhi Branch

I cannot really say this is a tutorial because all I did was research the words "Peace" in Arabic and Chinese and drew them on wood that I had around the house. The wood can be anything. I happened to have two decorative pieces that were supposed to be cutting boards.  

I decided to stain and sand them because I am into woodworking and then I used a satin gloss to finish. I only used black acrylic paint to outline my sketches. I used a flat end hard bristle brush in order to be able to outline these precisely. 

You can get already cut pieces of wood at art stores, you can use any flat pieces of wood you find and you can have certain pieces cut for you at hardware stores or cut them yourself if you are into woodcutting. You can also put these on canvases.

I decided to use these symbols and artwork because they spoke to me. 

When you look close at the Arabic dove calligraphy you will see the word "Peace" in the dove and that is also the dove of peace. Peace in Arabic is "Salam." 

The Chinese symbols for "Peace" were easy to sketch and the Bodhi branch seemed appropriate as that signifies a sacred fig tree that Siddhartha Guatama [Buddha] sat beneath. "Bodhi" means awakening or enlightenment. 

These are now hanging in my kitchen. 

They are far from perfect and at times I had to rework some spots due to tight space and going out of the sketch lines, but they turned out beautifully. 

The only limitation to creativity is your mind.


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