Thursday, February 25, 2016

Art Tutorial [Upcycling Glass Containers]

I love to try new things. With all arts, it is about trying and finding what works and what does not work for you. I save tutorials I find and try them later. I try to be diverse in what I create and have fun while doing so. I mean that is the purpose.


I found a cool art tutorial on using old mason jars to make beautiful shimmering candle holders so figured I will try it because I am a candle addict over here. The instructions I followed were not realistic and after reading them, I knew that pulling out my own hair would be more fun than trying to glue anything to an upright glass container. 

This is called upcyling, reusing what you have to create something new. I used two containers. One is a small mason jar, another a candle holder left over from an already burned candle. I use old candle glass to hold rocks, shells, dried herbs, flowers, leaves or just recycle them. You can do this here as well, you just end up with a multi-purpose container. That is clear drying caulk above, when it dries it does not look white. 

These cost about $3-5 USD to make. The only thing I had to buy was caulk. My choice. Others used chemically overpowering glues or a glue gun and I did not wish to use anything like that. One, due to potential heat from a candle, two, unhealthy to be breathing fumes from certain glues, three, have fun with a glue gun, glue and beads on glass.

You can use anything to decorate the jars. The first photo, I used a purple ponytail holder and this random peace sign I had and put material around the top. After these two jars were done, I thought of using cracked glass from old colored bottles like mosaics. If you do that, just be careful. Protect your eyes.

1. Find glass containers you wish to use. Make sure they are clear of residue and labels. I used rubbing alcohol on them before I started and let that dry. Place glass upside down like the second photo above. Make sure the glass you choose has some sort of lip or edge on the top for the first layer to rest upon to begin. If it does not, everything will just slide right off. 

2. I used glass beads. You can use anything you want. The beads come in all colors and sizes. I chose blue. It looks like carnival glass.

3. Use clear drying all purpose caulk to attach. Not white caulk. One tube is more than enough. Make sure you buy a tube that does not require a caulk gun. You only need a small amount of caulk for each piece. Just enough to secure it to glass. Let each layer sit for about 1/2 hour and do another layer.

4. Make sure to do ONE LAYER at a time. If you do not, the beads act like they are in place but will just slide right off and you have to start over.  I beaded the bottom and tops, they sit and look better.

I use the small one with the peace sign at the top for candles, you can use a votive or a tealight inside. I found the wider and shorter the glass, the more the light reflects outward and shines on the wall and ceiling with patterns when lit compared to the small mason jar.

I use the larger container to store things and right now, that glass jar below is being used as a book depository. I listed all the books I own that I have not yet read and pull out one slip of paper and read that book. 

This one below has a glass bead top to keep what is inside free from dust. The peace sign mason jar is without a top because that one I use for candles. I can also use it as a cool pen/pencil holder. You can literally use these for anything and caulk anything onto them. Be creative! 

I had to light them up before the caulk was 100% dry because I have no patience. When using clear drying caulk, you will not see the white dots. 

They look beautiful! Have fun! Experiment! 
The possibilities are endless.

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