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Book Review: Three Line Poetry [Prolific Press]

Artwork © "Fairy Mary's Dream ca 1870 A.F.L. 

Prolific Press oversees and publishes eight respected and established literary journals. As of March 2014, Prolific has been accepting full manuscripts for poetry and fiction, chapbooks, has resources for writers, and a bookstore. 

 Prolific Press currently publishes: 

Recently published in Issue #34 of Three Line Poetry, I had no idea what to expect, regarding acceptance of my submission, the type of book, the artwork and the writers included in this volume. For a writer like myself, absolute stream of consciousness, writing three coherent lines is difficult.

After receiving my book, I am stunned and delighted. More than delighted, I am exuberant and surprised. Not only is this publishing at its finest, the front and back cover artwork and production is magnificent and speaks for me, my writing, my vision of and for this universe.  

The book is humble in nature, yet finely formatted.

Issue #34 features over 40 writers, every page different. One page may be a haiku, another three lines of poetry and yet another page, a senryu or a masterfully crafted story formed from simply three lines of words. 

Prolific Press publishes out of Harborton, Virginia, edited by Glenn Lyvers and April Zipser. The book is ready for sale, with UPC and ISBN and promoted on their website as well as by the authors featured in this volume. 

The most compelling aspect of this over 40-page volume is that every page, although only three lines, leaves the reader with intense thought for further contemplation. Similar to Franz Kafka’s, The Z├╝rau Aphorisms, Three Line Poetry allows the reader to decide where to further look, if anywhere, depending upon his or her own path and direction at this point in time. 

I adore this book, especially this volume, due to the writing and the cover art. It is the first time I have dealt with Prolific Press and their work is outstanding from start to finish. I definitely suggest contacting them to purchase a few volumes from the eight subjects above, as well as submitting your work to them. 

I read this book in about 10 minutes however, it is the type of volume that keeps you going back, reading and rereading three lines . . . a book to keep close by for days when you may need inspiration or are in deep thought or simply to enjoy and pass along to another. 

For anyone new to haiku, senryu, three-line poetry, this volume is a perfect start. 

In short, this is a fine press. The book I received, along with a free subscription to more work, is outstanding. The submission process was short, the editing is fine-tuned and the artwork, impeccable. 

My cost was one free submission.

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