Wednesday, October 28, 2015

15 Must Check Out Websites

I get lost on websites, depends on the content, what is being stated, written, spoken, reported. Sometimes, you find free books, audio, meditations, music, workshops, and writing.

This is not why I share these websites. 

I share them because the content is fantastic, enlightening, diverse, humorous and uplifting.

I advise signing up to the newsletter/page, then share what you find with others. I linked the sites for this week below because these people inspire, empower and bring me happiness.

Keep learning, growing, sharing, educating and shining! 

1. The Soul Artist Journal - L.R.Heartsong  

2.  Freedom with Writing 

3. Long Walks and Rose Gardens - Haneen Khalid 

4.  Rebelle Society

5. Authors Publish

6. Soul Support For Changemakers - Amy Garner    

7.  drunkmall 

8. For Reading Addicts 

9. The Empathy Library 

10. Long Distance Love Bombs - Jeremy Goldberg 

11. Quiet Revolution 

12. Sacred Activism - Andrew Harvey   

13. S.R. Atchley 

14. DesignWars 

15. Sacred Ecology Films 




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