Thursday, May 7, 2015

Live on CMBR Radio

The CMBR Show is a radio show for artists, art events and business owners from all genres. They tell the stories that inspire or inform. Airs on Sundays at 6pm CST/ 7pm EST.

I was honored to have my poetry recently featured and aired live on radio and archived later here: 

What I truly adore about this radio show is the diversity. 

For example, in the interview above, Jill O'Hara is interviewed for The Holistic Health Expo by Nicola and my spoken word poetry is aired throughout along with different genres of music.  

Please visit Nicola Medley Ballard HERE


This is fresh, new, alive and right on mark and anyone wishing to gain exposure, please see above, hit Nicola up and ride the air waves! She is accomplishing great things for artists, business, those that have no voice and need one and most especially, for art.


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