Sunday, May 17, 2015

25 Lessons and Truths

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Author: Susan Marie

Apprentice Editor: Jessica Chardoulias/ Editor: Renee Jahnke
       Photo: Shaun Nelson-Flickr

Every moment I do my best to learn from each experience.


Although we tend to focus only on the positive ones, it is the negative ones that can really help us. We just have to learn to pay attention.

What I learned:

  • That all of us are valuable parts of one race—the human race—and all of us have numerous purposes. Some of those purposes are yet to be discovered. Do not discount your individual importance.
  • That an immense ever-growing desire to learn about everything is a rare and beautiful quality to have. Never lose your wonder.
  • Not everyone will understand your struggle, outlook, opinion, belief, or heart. That is okay. Stay by those who do; learn from those who do not.
  • Move on when any experience discounts the importance of your own existence.
  • Before you move on: grieve, heal, grow, and positively   teach others through your actions.
  • Love is wondrous. It exists. Do not ever be afraid to show others that you care for and love them. The world needs infinitely more love.
  • Love yourself. We are only human. We are supposed to make mistakes. We are not perfect, we were not created to be omniscient. This is what being human is all about. Bliss, pain, progression, repeat.
  • If you want to create, then create! What are you waiting for? You have the ability to do whatever you want. There is no time stamp on creation.
  • All. Art. Heals.
  • Nature is a peacekeeper. Let us be more kind to her.
  • Be responsible for your behaviors, words and actions. 
  • Blaming others is projection and denial. Causing pain to others because you have refused to deal with past hurt only causes more pain. Say you’re sorry and mean it. It need not matter if one says it back. You did your part. Then move on.
  • Be mindful of how you communicate. Words hurt. So, be kind to yourself and to others.
  • Run through the sprinklers in the summertime, make snow angels in the winter, lay beneath the trees in autumn, and get out into the sunshine at the first sign of spring. Nature equals instant healing.
  • While we are on earth, we get this one chance to do something that will last. Whatever you do, make it count.
  • Cease obsessing about how you look, pondering the things you did or did not do, thinking about the past, and blaming yourself for things you had no control over. Remember that you cannot control everything.
  • Hug those you care about. Tell them you care. Show them you care. Recognizing another human soul is crucial for progression. Bring more happiness into the world and to yourself.
  • Some people will never move past their own hurt. If you are unable to make a positive impression, move on. You tried. It is up to them now.
  • You are not a doormat. Say it! I am not a doormat.
  • If you are in need of help, ask for it. Don’t be ashamed to be human. We have all screwed up. So what? If you never screw up, you never learn lessons. The important thing is to keep going.
  • Tell your children you love them. Hug them. Give them confidence. Motivate them. Teach them how to be responsible, active parts of all society. Teach them what you know. Show them through your experiences. You were given this role to be a guide to another human soul. Your job is to help them be the best version of themselves possible. Be grateful for your family. Make sure they are aware of this. Some people have no one.
  • Put down your technology and get out into nature. Trust me, it matters. A lot.
  • Learn about different languages, cultures, and faiths. We live in such a wondrous world.
  • It is okay to disagree with things that do not suit you. It is not okay to attack others for not agreeing with what suits only you.
  • It is normal to have a wide range of human emotions.
  • Wherever you are, remember this: all that matters is if you do your best with what you have.
    I leave you with this short video. Why? See for yourself:

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