Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cory James & Amy Gallagher [Spring Healing Performance Audio & Video Showcase]

photo © Buffalo Rising

Cory James and Amy Gallagher present:

"Spring Healing: A Musical and Poetic Journey of Hope"
at St. John's Grace Church in Buffalo, NY

Guest accompaniments: 

  • Sarah Rice [violin]
  • Azure James [harp]
  • Frank Scinta [piano]
  • Linda R. L. Appleby [piano] 
  • Charles Anderson [guitar]
  • Catherine Miller [vocalist]

Live Audio of the event: 

photo © Buffalo Rising

Below is a video medley of musicians that accompanied the event featuring Linda R. L. Appleby:

This is a video of a performance of "Blackbird" by Cory James Gallagher, Cat Miller and Chuck Anderson

Corey and Amy are available for performance at 

You can also listen to the audio on my radio show on Think Twice Radio HERE

Their next event is Friday, May 22nd in South Buffalo, NY at Holy Family Church --> Event Page


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