Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Hour With The BloodThirsty Vegans

Check out this awesome clip on the BTV website  

One hour interview with The BloodThirsty Vegans: Alex Mead, (My Rap Name Is Alex), Janna Willoughby, (MC Vendetta), Dave Harter, Bryan (Brrrn) Lohr and Kim. A rotating musical family based on having fun, making music, creating peace and speaking the truth through music.

Their new CD, "Let The Feast Begin" is fantastic and due for release December 2009. Please listen as we talk about how they came about, storytelling, Nickel City, Dave's drum set, Brrn's anti Christmas and spectacular versions of "Do You Even Know", "Class War", and "Buffalove."

Thank you Alex, Janna, Brrrn, Dave, Kim and Ben (who is off creating his own world peace.) I had so much fun and you are raising consciousness with your music. Keep going, don't look back, laugh, and keep dancing.

Listen HERE

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