Sunday, November 1, 2009

Artists United For Human Rights On Think Twice Radio

Artists United For Human Rights

A global initiative beginning in Buffalo, NY where musicians, artists, business and community donated their time at Pearl Street Grill to educate and create awareness on all human rights focusing on the prevention of child abuse, violence and trafficking during Violence Awareness Month. This event supported two organizations: Prevent Child Abuse NY and Maiti Nepal with a focus on The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Click below to see press, pictures and PSA videos of the event with live audio.

From my heart I wish to thank WNY's finest musicians, WNY's finest artisans, Natalie DeSilva (Pearl Street Grill), Colonel Patrick Cunningham (Buffalo Naval Park), Charles, Darryl Hopkins, Lemuel Bryant (sound & stage), Van Taylor Production, Richard Wicka (Think Twice Radio), Nomad Magazine, Poet Tree Magazine, Noa Bursie (this was her idea), and ALL people subject to defamation of human rights. May they one day be legal and binding.


Noa Bursie, Emile Latimer
Joni Russ
Lenny Revell, Tim Webb, Zuri Appleby
Buffalo Select Chorus & Linda Appleby
Derek McKeith & The Exoutics (Ron Walker)
Van Taylor Project (Tim Webb, Van Taylor, Jery Livingston)
Joyce Wilson Nixon Band
Lance Diamond
Sons of The King
Rob Falgiano
Free Henry!
The BloodThirsty Vegans


Nomad Magazine
Poet Tree Magazine
Memorable Creations
Bass Reeves
Tara Nova
Allen Street Connection
MB Originals
Max Cruz
Artfully Aware
Egg Art
ee Photography
Friends of Maiti Nepal
Marti Gorman
Dr. Mark Donnelly



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