Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ken Rutkowski: Response To Love Center: the ThanksgivingGIVING

Eight years ago, the owner of Outer Limit Recording Studio, Ken Rutkowski, recalled a story told by his mentor of a Thanksgiving tradition of giving that he started years before, based on his poor childhood. Despite his own financial struggles, the power of the story inspired Ken to start his own tradition, now called the Thanksgiving GIVING.”

Following his mentor’s advice Ken contacted Sister Johnice and The Response To Love Center, an organization in an impoverished area. Ken asked if a meal could be taken to an individual or a family in need. He literally scraped together enough money to deliver a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, yams, corn, pies, whipped cream, juice, coffee, milk, etc. - everything one could possibly need for a bountiful Thanksgiving meal. This began an annual tradition between Outer Limit Recording Studio and Sister Johnice.

In 1985, the The Response to Love Center was founded to begin a ministry to the East Side of Buffalo. Sr. Mary Johnice, CSSF, a core of Felician Sisters and countless volunteers transformed the first and second floors of a former parish school building into a compassionate haven for the poor. The Center is dedicated to helping poverty-stricken individuals and families. We empower people to take responsibility for their lives and encourage self-sufficiency through dignity and compassion. We develop relationships with individuals and introduce them to people and programs that will assist with their individual problems and needs.

Since Ken began this in 2002, donations have doubled each year. It has become a moving experience for so many people who depend on it now for nourishment, holiday spirit, and most of all a renewed sense of goodwill. It is Ken’s deepest desire not to have to turn anyone away. Last year his commitment doubled to 64 meals amounting to over $3,200, much of it coming out of his own pocket. Close friends and family, a large number of Outer Limit Recording Studio clients, and corporate sponsors also made contributions to help reach that goal. Keeping with that tradition, Ken is committed to giving 128 Thanksgiving meals for 2009, requiring roughly $6,400.

This year, Ken is asking for help from anyone willing to join in and participate through a donation. Outer Limit Recording Studio is offering a recording incentive for anyone willing to help. If interested, you can contact Ken at the studio at 886-0554 for more details. Please join Ken and Outer Limit Recording Studio in this year’s donation and share in capturing the wonderful feeling of a “Thanksgiving GIVING!”

Families provided with Thanksgiving Dinners: 2002: 1 Family 2003: 2 Families 2004: 4 Families 2005: 8 Families 2006: 16 Families 2007: 32 Families 2008: 64 Families.

How you can help:
Food and drink list to fulfill the goal: 128 turkeys (28 - 20lbs. or more, 100 - 20lbs.), 128 cans of cranberry sauce, 128 small boxes of stuffing, 128 cans of corn/carrots, 128 large cans of yams, 128 boxes of instant mashed potatoes, 128 half-gallon milk containers, 128 half-gallon juice containers, 128 desserts, 128 tubs of whipped topping, 768 servings of coffee (6 per family), 768 servings of tea (6 per family), 128 packages of dinner rolls, 128 packages of butter, Some susbstitutions are fine. If money can be saved, then more families can get what they need. Generic/store brand/name brand products are all fine.

Contact: Outer Limit Recording Studio 1313 Walden Avenue Buffalo NY 14211. To catch Ken and his volunteers in action before Thanksgiving or during delivery, please call him at: 716.886.0554.

Help a small local business with a very big heart spread goodwill this Holiday Season.

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