Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Floozie: See You Later (Buffalo, NY)

Floozie is fully experienced by their live, raw performances, yet on their 2009 release, " See You Later", they redefine that untamed freedom found in the current Western New York indie scene.

Floozie is: Jim Schwartz: Vocals and Guitar, Marty Schebell: Bass, Mike McGranor: Lead Guitar/Vocals and Mr. Sam: Percussion. Selling out auditoriums, Floozie has shared the stage with: Sponge, Theory of a Dead Man, Default, The Trews, and Soul Asylum. The richness of Floozie's lyrics, mean guitar riffs and folklore behind various songs, crowned them with notoriety of being experimental and influential.

"Holding On For Nothing" slams you head first into dirty riffs with alternating echo chamber vocals: "I always try to sort it out / but find myself full of doubt / I'm holding on for nothing /and I'm begging you please / can't you see the scrapes on my knees." This tune is punk, blues, funk, and rock and roll all in one.

The eclectic diversity of "See You Later" is found on, "Electric." The intro is pure driven punk: "You're electric / so let me turn you on", interspersed with harmonica and blues. "You never know what you might find / all you gotta do / all you gotta do / is open up your eyes." Keeping true to harmony through guitars and driving percussion, "Electric" alternates between pop and blues.

"Whatchya Say", features slide. Imagine a track screaming: "Whatchya say/ What your saying / What your sayings not me" with mad precision on percussion, guitars and vocals simultaneous. Musically, "Whatchya Say" is one of those "must see live" Floozie tunes.

This album is proof that Floozie yet again comes out with something uninhibited, meaty and passionate. Lyrically, melodically and instrumentally, you get a taste of punk, blues, rock and roll, and pop in one album. Floozie can be reached at myspace. Check out where they are performing thanks to All WNY and Big Jack Productions.

Floozie is on rotation at 97 Rock, 103.3 The Edge, 107.7 The Lake (with an interview) and were named 97 Rock's Artist of the Month. The first track, "Holding On For Nothing" is irony at best. Floozie fans have been holding on, yet most certainly not for nothing.

© Susan Marie
New York USA

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