Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 2009 Niagara Music Forum

Niagara Music Forum (NMF) is getting ready to bring the Music industry’s best and brightest to Niagara once again. Norris-Whitney Communications, publisher of Canadian Musician magazine: Canada’s premiere magazine for musicians and music practitioners will host the event on Saturday, October 17 at the Four Points Sheraton (Brock Room) 3530 Schmon Parkway, Thorold, Ontario. Attendance by registration is at a cost of only $45. Registration information is available HERE.

The Niagara Music Forum (NMF) is a 1-day event to connect with musicians and music industry professionals from Ontario and surrounding U.S border-states. It is an opportunity to hear from industry experts that are at the top of their game.

NMF is a chance to gain a competitive edge, access industry resources, get connected with some of the different areas of the music industry as well as open up new markets. “The Niagara Music Forum is a much needed outlet to sustain connection between the United States and Canada. As a result of this forum (08), I was able to write about and book musicians in the United States”, says Susan Marie, Public Relations Liaison from Buffalo, NY.

NMF '09 will feature topics such as publishing, recording, distribution, promotion, booking, contracts and more. Speakers come from a variety of fields such as recording label, entertainment law, marketing and promotions, booking, and media.

The Forum provides a unique learning experience, industry knowledge on a range of topics, opportunity to engage the industry representatives, and topped off with a reception for all attendees and speaker. All registered attendees will also have exclusive access to the database of attendees and speakers. Additional information is available at www.niagaramusicforum.com

NMF will bring new markets together to connect with each other, open dialogue for partnerships and collaborations, and provide a wealth of knowledge and resources. “We originally did the Forum to connect musicians and music related professionals from in and around southern Ontario and Buffalo. The response was overwhelming, and this year we are looking forward to a bigger and more exciting event, says Jim Norris, President of Norris-Whitney Communications.

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For media information, please contact Nik Duncan, nduncan@nor.com 905-641-3471

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