Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Music In Action: Be True - Be You June 22-23rd 2009 Niagara Square

In 2006, Bob James, Buffalo High School Students and Robby Takac of The Goo Goo Dolls began a program focused on youth leadership, music business skills and mentored training by industry professionals. The result of this program was the first Music Is Action CD, entitled: Be True, Be You.

Visiting professionals such as: Erin Roberts of The Juliet Dagger, Grammy - nominated producer, Anthony Casuccio, Biff Henrich and Grammy - winning designer from Brian Gunnert, teamed with Buffalo Public School #187 (Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts) to select artists out of 54 demos received to create a CD. The above team asked the submitting artists to fit the cause message: Be True, Be You.

Recording took place at Trackmaster Studios and Bob James' Cabin 5 Studio in Buffalo, NY. Several songs were selected and musical contributions were added by Robby Takac, Bob James, and Howard Wilson. The CD was released on GCR Records with a grassroots, anti - peer pressure call to action. Sales from this CD benefit H.E.A.R.T for Mental Health, serving Western New York Schools and features Grace Stumberg's original: Change The World.

The second Music In Action CD: Band: u pluribus unum, was released in 2008 featuring Buffalo Select Chorus. This CD was a collaboration with Buffalo Public Schools, Leadership Niagara and Lockport High School. Year two of Music is Action formed what is now - Music Is Art. The second CD proved to be successful and five common threads were discovered: Music is therapy before it becomes a career opportunity, loving and sharing music is simple; yet making music a business is complex and challenging, students and adults are looking for new ways to learn, everyone wishes to be included when it matters; but that is not always possible and the bigger vision survives when the little invisible details get covered.

Students featured on both CD's include: Grace Stumberg, Mar, Kev & Friends, Becca Montijo, Mar & Louch Productions, Ymaris Baez, Anthony Taylor, Vanessa Brown, Bethany Fonda, Miss.Interpretation, Jackie Perry, Dashuri, Marquez & Kalvin, Not Too Sure, Dan Covey, Annabelle & Zoe, and Buffalo Select Chorus.

On June 22 and 23rd, in Niagara Square, various students from both CD's, as well as many of the team members involved formed a new vision - Tunes4food. This is a 25 hour free event hosted by Buffalo musicians. This is continuous in Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY from 11am on June 22 to 1pm on June 23rd. The event is in support of The Food Bank of Western New York to aid hunger issues not only in Western New York, but all of America.

The mission statement behind this event is simple. Do what you say you will do. Please join our local artists, producers, students and community for two beautiful days in the city. A Food Bank truck will be on site for donations of canned goods and non perishable food items. Bring your pets, friends, family and children. Like the students and professionals above, the message behind both CD compilations is similar with Tunes4Food: It's a message of unity, but more a team or community sense than musical.

To perform, support, sponsor, become an alliance member (all you need to do is do what you say you will do) and simply enjoy some of our fine musicians while supporting those in need, get down to Niagara Square during two days and 25 hours.

We Can Help Stamp Out Hunger Together.

Tunes4Food: to perform, support, attend
Buffalo Rock Hall: to purchase the above CD's.
Food Bank of Western New York: to find out more about the Food Bank's involvement.
Buffalo Music Hall of Fame: to support our local musicians.

© Susan Marie
New York USA 2009

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