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Have You Ever Been Hungry? (

I bet you have, millions of people in the entire world right now are starving, literally. In order to cause positive global change, you have to start in your own backyard.

1. Click Here To Watch Obama's call to action on June 22, 2009 on Community Service:

2. Go --> downtown Buffalo, Niagara Square anytime after 11am on Mon, June 22 to Tues, June 23rd at 1pm. 25 hours straight free music event on the steps of City Hall to support The Food Bank.

3. Check out this link to a Time Warner Donated Commercial:


Do you know why I say No Excuses? Because I did an MS Walk last month and severely disabled people walked further than I did, it humbled me immensely. Did I feel guilty? No, I did not. However, it woke me up to the FACT that I am BLESSED and it filled me with pride for the STRENGTH of the people who in my eyes have a difficult life, yet in their eyes, it is business as usual. Life humbles me every single day and makes me grateful for everything around me, including you. Am I laying a guilt trip on you right now? No. I would never do that. I am simply asking you to help.

We all have to work, go to school, have children, are sick and have stuff we have to take care of. Bring your family, friends, parents, pets, make this an incentive if you are an employer, if you are a business, please drop off some food, the musicians need to eat and drink too, stop over on your lunch hour and listen to local musicians who are doing this for free, donate time, volunteer the day of, perform in this event, stop by anyplace that has food or go into your own cupboard (you know you have cans of peas, cranberries and Ramen soup hiding in there and if you don't you are either one of the hungry I speak of or you have never really been truly hungry) as I have and bring some non perishable food downtown to support the Food Bank of Western New York. They will have a truck on site 25 hours.

If you cannot sleep at 2am and drive to the nearest NOCO to get a whopper extra caffeine and a milky way or a tub of ice cream, grab a canned good or ten, its about a buck each, then KEEP DRIVING to CITY HALL, where there will be live free music.

If you are up at 6am on Tuesday morning before work, grab non perishable foods first then GO HERE. If you get out of work and have to grab the kids or family, go BACK downtown, it will be SUNNY out. (Mon: sunny 79 degrees, Tues: sunny 80 degrees) then go to the Erie Basin Marina, or the library . . . make a day of it. If you live no where by the city then why haven't you been there yet? GO. Buffalo is full of treasures.

If you have no gas money, carpool, take the bus, bike it, roller blade, it's healthy.

Teach your children what it means to give so the madness in this world ceases with their generation.

Without the support of The Food Bank, the churches, chapels, pantries, food banks, missions, and all the children's activities will have NO FOOD. What does this mean if the Food Bank is not supported? It means that people will NOT BE ABLE TO EAT.

If you need their services and I know I have, they just might not be there anymore. What does that mean? That eventually, we all starve. I do not want to hear any excuses at all, because there isn't one that would fly with me and I am being frank here because this is important to me - it's OUR city, the people in OUR city and I am tired of people wishing change yet staying complacent.

Here is something ---> so change the world!

Bring some food, listen to music, toss some change in a guitar case but please, please . . . just go. It's 25 hours.

Don't forget to bring some food. You will hear great FREE music, in an uncrowded atmosphere, meet amazing people, possibly walk away with a new idea for a project and think of what you would be handing down to your children.

Man, we cannot make the world perfect, but we sure can strive towards a positive goal together.


Are you hungry right now?

So are millions of people in the entire world. In order to cause positive change, you have to start in your own backyard.

Tunes4Food is an alliance member with Serve.Gov and President Obama.

Volunteer registrations @ Project Serve (The White House):

Spread the word and bring food.



I want to thank right now every single artist performing in this event
and all the media coverage and personal support we have gotten thus far.

Print this out, make up your own slogan, hand it out, forward the email (cheaper and saves paper),
support, perform, tell someone.

If you do any of that, I thank you, from my heart, truly.

The Food Bank of Western New York

Susan Marie
New York USA

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