Friday, January 30, 2009

illuminatus: The Wrath of the Lambs UK

Straight from Ministry's UK Final World Tour, followed My Ruin's UK and Ireland Tour, illuminatus brings us their new release, The Wrath of Lambs. Nationwide on Anthill/Pinnacle Records, illuminatus has a 2009 European Tour beginning in Italy, then DarkFest in Bologna. illuminatus made their way to the finals of FameCast and were flown to Austin, Texas broadcast live to millions. Illuminatus to date, is the only non U.S. band to achieve this.

illuminatus is: Julio Taylor: Vocals/Guitar, Felix Rullhusen: Percussion, Jon Martin: guitars and Leo Giovazzini on Bass. Their mass of loyal fans, high energy performance, and driving rhythm allowed them to share the stage with: Children of Bodom, Dragon Force, NightWish, Paradise Lost, and Saxon and Skindred.

They have appeared live at UK's Bloodstock and Bulldog Bash, and collaborating with producers such as Harvey Birell (Therapy?, Ministry) and Pete "Pee-Wee" Coleman (AC/DC, Black Sabbath) drew them comparison to bands such as Anathema and Paradise Lost. illuminatus is the ultimate National/International Alternative Band.

A lover of both metal and rock, this 9 track CD is a must have. Every single tune is a power play. Dark sarcasm is present in guitar riffs with maddening percussion reminiscent of 1970's metal rock. The title track, The Wrath of Lambs is a stadium anthem. Julio and Jon keep the starkness alive with Leo on one mean bass. Felix brings it full circle keeping everyone in check. This is a rock instrumental.

Emotion Sickness brings me right back to days of Megadeath, Metallica and System Of A Down. This is by far, my favorite tune. illuminatus manages to intertwine vociferous instrumentals with vocals ranging from soft spoken to wailing. It begins full force and lays it low in between surprising you when you least expect it. This is a hit, standing only behind The Wrath Of Lambs.

Captive State
is a tune that deserves video behind it. illuminatus paints a picture of the state of all nations. They present here the essentials that enforce all famous rock bands. Simplicity and perfection.

This a CD you never wish to cease listening to. Recorded in Nottingham, The Wrath Of Lambs is innovative, raw and what the entire music scene is in desperate need of. Check the guys out my space: and:

Melodic, heavy and intellectual, illuminatus threatens to change the face of music. Join the Revolution, before it passes you by.

Susan Marie
Public Relations
New York USA 2009

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