Monday, February 23, 2009

Type Relevant: A Closer Look (New York)

For nearly a decade, Type Relevant has been captivating audiences leaving them mesmerized and wanting more. Type Relevant is a powerhouse trio that can impress a wide range of crowds with a blend of jazz, funk, blues, and hip-hop, increasing revenue and patronage at any venue. Originally a duo, the group formed in 1999 featuring Brian Herlihy (Relevant) on bass, guitars, and vocals, along with John Hunter (TypeNice) on drums. The two met while playing in Hutch-Tech High school's jazz ensemble and quickly meshed their sounds to create a fresh style of their own. Type Relevant's first shows were in 2000 in South Buffalo and Downtown Buffalo. During this time, the band acquired a wealth of local and regional support. As their unique sound blossomed, so did their networking skills and community activity. As a result, Type Relevant is well known for both their musical and promotional abilities.

In 2007, during a show at Broadway Joes, the band asked a local lyricist by the name of Mamaudu Kargbo (Mad Dukes) to come on stage to improvise with them. There was an instant connection as his lyrics correlated naturally with the live instruments. After their third amazing performance together, the duo offered Mamaudu an official position as Type Relevant's new front man. In 2008, Type Relevant featuring Mad Dukes began a successful year playing over 50 shows during many weekly and monthly performances. Sponsored by Deep Thinka Record's and Scion USA, the trio ran a successful weekly showcase at Merlin's of Buffalo for 20 straight weeks. Although most of these shows took place during the cold winter months, an exceptionally large crowd always turned out for the highly energetic performances. Later, the group was invited to perform on the main stage at Buffalo's own "Music is Art" festival, organized by Goo Goo Doll's bassist Robby Takac.

Type Relevant also opened the first day's events at the 15th annual, three day long, "Blind Baby's Holiday" festival in Heartland, NY. Highlighting the band's networking ability; Type Relevant booked every single hip-hop act for Buffalo's Infringement Festival during the summer of '08. The trio also founded the "Biannual Battle of the Hip-Hop Bands" at Nietzsches on Allen Street in the city of Buffalo.

John and Brian are available for all jazz, blues, and funk gigs, and can be seen playing around the Buffalo area at their monthly jazz spots. During these shows at Mode Urban Bistro, and Papaya, the original duo is accompanied by classically trained vocalist Gabriella Carlo, and concert pianist Richie English. Type Relevant is available for booking at the above score.

For booking info: Brian Herlihy 716-

Susan Marie
Public Relations
New York USA 2009

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