Friday, February 20, 2015

Spontaneous Conversation: Soul Family, Universal Truths, Mystical Perspectives

This is so divine and precious. 

Also, on my radio show on Think Twice Radio 

This is NOT the Apple 

and below. 


Myself [Sue Marie, [This is Not the Apple] and Joel Lesses [Unraveling Religion] both radio producers at ThinkTwiceRadio, discuss various perspectives in spontaneous conversation at Our Lady of Victory Basilica & National Shrine.

The conversation focuses on soul family, spirit bonds, mystical perspectives, universal truths, the soul with two faces, rebirth, archetypes, psychology, medicine, holistic arts, ego vs self, trusting in the process, and poetry. 

The intro track © Deva Premal and Miten is from the CD "The Essence", and the track is "Gayatri Mantra" [the world’s oldest mantra, known for purification and healing.] The bells at the end are going off seven times at the national shrine. 

The question remains: Without Soul Family, What Is Life? 

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