Sunday, February 15, 2015

Journey To Nepal

                 Published on KingSpring.Org 

Joel will be volunteering with and for --> - an organization that focuses on impoverished communities in Nepal, Haiti and Burundi, to enhance and advance the livelihood, capacity, and well-being of their members.

He is a poet, listener, counselor and a person who values exploration and evolution above all things and thanks everyone deeply for your consideration of his efforts.

Joel is a dear soul, brother, and friend I have been blessed to know personally for years. I support him wholeheartedly on his journey and dream. Nepal is an important place for me and I wish him wellness, peace, inspiration, enlightenment and education.  I am so proud of him and will do whatever is in my power to get him there to assist in the education of human rights and empowerment for those who live differently than most of us. 

Please do your part, if able, and give, share, give, share! 

I thank you from the depths of my own heart. 



This is Joel. 
Angels on your shoulders.

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