Friday, January 2, 2015

The Human Soul Is Resilient

You know, you go through life dodging all kinds of bullets:  emotional, mental, physical and spiritual ones; with immense ease and one day the wiring so delicately constructed in the brain, well something tends to just snap. I do not mean break but kind of . . . loosen a bit. 

If you happen to notice this occur, that is a good thing. You can keep yourself in check. It does not seem to lessen that weight you feel on your back like the Great Wall of China, every damn brick, bringing you down into the dirt until you are on your knees, praying, to Gods you never met.

Some days you just punch through the clouds man, I mean nothing can stop you. Truly horrible things can occur and you deal with life with skill, like a pro, because you are a pro.

The days when every fiber inside of you is taut as a guitar string, those are the days you have to watch out for.

It makes me wonder what causes one to truly lose it.

Some turn to God, some to alcohol, drugs, sex, some people retreat further into themselves or project their entire lives onto others. 

A lot of people jump from person to person thinking that is going to make them better but in reality, it makes things worse. I mean you have to love you and no matter what horrid issue you are dealing with, it is temporary, it will pass.

The human soul is resilient.

I think back in my life when severely tragic things occurred, you know, life shattering moments when all the blood drained from my body and the bones in my skull just blew right apart from the sheer impact of the crash and burn.

It is in these memories I find solace. Somehow I got through the worst times in my life. 

I mean, the past doesn't make the present any easier to deal with but it helps me to remember that I am strong, I am a survivor and nothing, I mean nothing . . . 


Not for good.

It is in times such as these, I think about the sun . . .

Gallagher Beach, Buffalo, NY 
© Susan Marie

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