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Amina Masood Janjua: Arrest/Threat/Request Support: Mar.20


Amina Masood Janjua Requests Your Help

What is the answer to grief and suffering? Who is responsible for blatant violations of Human Rights? 

Move a joint petition in the Supreme Court against Rehman Malik with Amina Masood Janjua, Chairperson Defense of Human Rights Pakistan, in regards to the illegal arrest of Families of Missing Persons.  Please give your confirmation so that Amina Masood Janjua can announce it in a press conference on Sunday 20th March.  Please join her there in support.

On March 16, 2011, The Islamabad police arrested Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua, her two children, 44 women/men, and 13 children on the anniversary of restoration of Judiciary.  Janjua has requested a joint petition in the Supreme Court against Rehman Malik, responsible for Islamabad Police and safety and security of citizens. 

According to Mrs. Janjua, Rehman is responsible for the emotional pain and psychological damage of aggrieved families of Missing Persons.  Janjua states, "The arrest was illegal, framing baseless charges against us. Instead of releasing our missing loved ones, they are releasing the real terrorists and killers like Raymond Davis."

The Incident

Defense of Human Rights Pakistan showed solidarity with the supreme judiciary on the anniversary of Restoration. The families of missing persons civil society, political parties and students started the Rally at 1600 hrs at D chowk Blue area Islamabad.  People were chanting slogans for the release of missing persons and showing solidarity with the supreme judiciary. The idea was to hand over a Memorandum to Chief Justice and present flowers to him on the anniversary of the restoration of judiciary. 

The Memorandum:  
"We want to tell our honorable Judges, please continue to serve the cause of Justice and Rule of Law in the interest of the Nation.  We are with you through thick and thin, the entire Nation stands behind you to accept fearless decisions you are making.  We want to convey to our Honorable Judiciary, that each citizen is honorable and deserves immediate justice and rule of law.  People of Pakistan, Lawyers, Civil Society, students and aggrieved families have suffered and laid down sacrifices for the sake of free and fair independent Judiciary.  Now on the day of Restoration of Judiciary, it is their turn to get their most basic rights.  Justice!"

The Procession:

The procession covered 1 km. from “D” chowk  Jinnah avenue to Judges Colony in Islamabad.  When the rally reached the
turning of Judicial Enclave, police did not allow the party ahead to cross over the barrier of Balochistan House.  Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua, with mutual consensus of all present, started a peaceful sit-in.  Families and supporters were peacefully participating, demanding the release of their loved ones. Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua were addressing the rally, "We are peacefully struggling for 6 years demanding the release of our loved ones, yet government is not cooperating with us.  The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is our last hope and today we are here to show solidarity with our Chief Justice." 

A meeting with the Chief Justice to hand over the memorandum were denied by The Islamabad Administration, as well any official of the Federal Government (MNA or Minister.)

The duty SHO of Police and officers of civil administration put extreme pressure on Mrs. Janjua to call off the sit-in, yet all families were determined to continue their peaceful dhurna [method of obtaining justice by sitting] till demands were met. Families had traveled from far areas hoping to meet the Judge. After midnight, when the children had fallen asleep, police began brutal violence, shouting at the families, breaking the sit-in forcefully and carrying all in attendance to prison vans.

13 children less than ten years of age, were shocked, terrified, and wailing.  Families were forcefully pushed into the prison vans, all bouquets of flowers brought were scattered at the spot.


The Arrest

Elderly aggrieved mothers, children, and a 3 month old baby were driven to Women's Police Station Sitara market F-7/2 Islamabad, while elder men and young boys to the Secretariat Police station behind the Prime Ministers House.  All campaign materials, megaphone, banners, placards and floor mats were confiscated.  Derogatory remarks,  and insulting attitude from the police women followed to further hurt grief stricken families.

The small container room kept ten children and seven women for 14 illegal hours. There were chairs, yet nothing to sleep on but a dirty floor.  Wet and hungry babies/children constantly cried and adults complained of the injustices done to the innocent.

Mr. Jameel Abbasi and Ghazala Minallah, both senior members of civil society and activists of the lawyers movement arrived. They met with police officer in charge, SHO Naureen Fatima.

For hours, a debate was negotiated for release of the innocent.  Mrs Janjua, chairperson, activist and organizer for the Missing and Detained persons sit-in were left in illegal custody.

The event exemplified contrasts and double standards of law. This occurred the same day CIA operative, Raymond Davis were released. The Families for Missing Persons were arrested on grounds of asking for the release of their loved-ones. Both events occurred on the anniversary of the Restoration of pre- Nov 3, 2007 Supreme Judiciary.

Mrs Janjua, her 15 yr old daughter Aishah, son Muhammad and 44 members of Missing Person’s [13 children, youngest 3 months] were released on 17 March 2011.  They were taken to Secretariat Police station to sign a pre-written bail document stating:  We did not know that section 144 is implemented in Islamabad, therefore we gathered and requested immediate release of our loved-ones in a memorandum. We also observed dhurna in the Judges Enclave. Kindly excuse us regarding this and allow us to go home on bail." 

Each person were required to understand the warnings and sign pledges never to protest.

The charges against the families were:  Taking law into their own hands.

Amina Masoods Letter to Mr. Rheman Malik


Mr.Rehman Malik,
Minister of Interior of Pakistan.

Subject: Security for Amina Masood Janjua

Dear Sir,

ost respectfully I would like to bring into your kind notice details of threats I am receiving on my cell number.  A man called from _________ on 26 February threatening me saying “your death warrants have been issued and you will be killed.”  When I asked why and who are you, he said “because of your activities on net” and he said, "I am your well wisher, don’t ask my name." He also warned me not to go to Karachi.  Second time he called on 5 March, said "My name is Ali Mustufa, your funeral is ready, don’t dare to go to Karachi."  I have also informed IG.Islamabad about this threat, unfortunately nothing has been done.  

Kindly take immediate notice of this and appoint for me guards for personal security.

I will be obliged for your timely action.

Thanking you.

Your most sincere,

Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua
Chairperson, Defence of Human Rights

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